Oxford inns and pubs in early 1790s

These names are extracted from the Oxford City section of the Universal Business Directory for 1791. Note however that although this massive directory is dated 1791, the work only started in that year, and in fact the provincial lists were sent in by local agents at various times between 1790 and and 1797. The Oxford section appears to date from 1794, as Vincent Shortland, who held office from 1794/5, is listed as Mayor


All proprietors described as innkeepers

  • Alfred’s Head Inn: Robert Smith
    [Used to be at 88/89 High Street, on the site of the University College's Durham Buildings]
  • Angel: William Bulby
    [Used to be in the High Street, on site of Examination Schools and Nos. 83 & 84]
  • Bear Inn: Thomas Rackstraw
    [6 Alfred Street]
  • Blue Boar Inn: Richard Maldum [Mallam] (and Broker & Auctioneer)
    [Used to be in Blue Boar Street, demolished when Town Hall rebuilt]
  • Bull Inn and Livery-stables: William Venables
    [Used to be in St Aldate's Street, rebuilt and no longer a pub]
  • Chequer Inn: William Palmer
    [The Chequers, off the High Street]
  • Cross: Thomas Greenwood
    [The Golden Cross in Cornmarket Street]
  • Crown Inn: James Lister
    [The Crown on the west side of Cornmarket]
  • Greyhound Inn: William Pingree
    [Used to be on corner of Long Wall and High Street, demolished by Magdalen College]
  • King’s Arms Inn: William Slaughty [probably Slaughter, as per 1831]
    [on corner of Broad Street and Parks Road]
  • New Inn: John Manning
    [was in St Aldate's Street. Burnt down in 1896 and replaced by Bulldog in 1897]
  • Ship Inn: Samuel Watts
    [Used to be at 3 Ship Street, building no longer an inn]
  • Star Inn and Excise-office: Stephen Winkworth
    [Used to be on west side of Cornmarket Street; later renamed the Clarendon Hotel]
  • Sun: Mary Davis
    [Used to be in Cornmarket Street, on site of HSBC Bank]
  • Three Goats Inn: Henry Task
    [was on corner of Cornmarket and George Street]
  • Wheatsheaf & Anchor Inn: William Lee
    [Used to be on site of Christ Church Memorial Gardens in St Aldate's Street]

The Mitre Inn and the Roebuck Inn seem to have been omitted from the 1791 list

Taverns and Public Houses

All proprietors described as Victuallers. Some of the pubs below later described themselves as inns, but they were not coaching inns like those above

  • Anchor: James Slater
  • Anchor: Richard Stone
  • Balloon: John May
    [was at 28 Queen Street: also called the Air Balloon]
  • Bargeman: John Carter
  • Bear, John Lipscomb
  • Bell: Thomas Clive
  • Bell: Nathaniel Sheldon
  • Black Boy: Thomas Manton
  • Black Horse: William Adams
  • Black Lion: John Wilmot
    [Used to be in Oriel Street]
  • Blue Lion: Thomas Bartlett
    [Used to be at 41 Cornmarket Street]
  • Blue Pig: John Taylor
    [Used to be at Gloucester Green: demolished in 1934]
  • Chequers: John Field
  • Chequers: Thomas Fribbins
  • Coach & Horses: W. Mander
  • Coach & Horses: William White
  • Cross: Thomas Greenwood
  • Cross Keys: John Best
    [Used to be in Queen Street]
  • Dog & Partridge: Benjamin Brine
  • Dragon: John Evans
  • Fleece & Crown: John Wall
  • Fox: William Wakelin
  • Golden Ball: Thomas Cozens
  • Granby Head: Thomas Peake
    [Used to be at 36 Cornmarket Street: Northgate Tavern later built on the site]
  • Greyhound: Elizabeth Brady [see also Greyhound Inn above]
  • Griffin: Ann Twyer
  • Hare & Hounds: Turner, —
    Probably the pub of this name that stood at 66 St Giles' Street, on the site of the Taylor Institute extension
  • Hind’s Head: Samuel Fernce
    [Used to be in Queen Street]
  • Horse & Jockey: John Turner
    [Used to be at 90 Holywell Street]
  • Jolly Sportsman: Martin Brown
  • Lamb & Banner: Robert Cook
    [Probably the Lamb & Flag at 12 St Giles' Street]
  • Little Cross: John Norgrove
    [Used to be at 9 Cornmarket Street, and later became part of the Roebuck]
  • Masons’ Arms: W. Metcalf
  • Nag’s Head: Michael Thornton
    [Was at 17 King Street, now the part of Merton Street running up to the High]
  • Noah’s Ark: William Knibbs
  • Old Blue Post: John Slater
  • Plough: James Lanchlow
  • Plough: William Wells
  • Post-Boy: James Butcher
    [Probably the Jolly Post Boys that used to be at 140 High Street]
  • Queen’s Head: Robert Green
  • Red Lion: Elizabeth Wells
    [Used to be at 139 High Street]
  • Royal Barge: Thomas House
  • Royal Oak: Richard Budd
  • Seven Stars: Thomas Cauling
    [Used to be in Market Street]
  • Ship: William Parker
  • Spread Eagle: John Gilbert
  • Star & Garter: Edward Turrell
    [Used to be at 20 Cornmarket Street, now on site of large Jesus College building]
  • Swan: William Churchill
  • Swan: Thomas Hood
  • Three Cups: Clements, Samuel
    [Used to be at 43 Queen Street]
  • Three Friars: William Emmanuel
    [Used to be in Friar's Lane]
  • Three Horse-shoes: Elizabeth Briscoe
    [Used to be at 42 Castle Street]
  • Three Horse-shoes: James Winter
    [Used to be in St Giles' parish]
  • Waggon & Horses: Richard Lee
  • Wheatsheaf: Couldrey Cook
    [Still at 129A High Street]
  • White Horse: Thomas King
    [Still at 52 Broad Street]
  • White Lion: William Shephard


Wine & Liquor Merchants
  • Billings, John, Grocer and Liquor-merchant
  • Carson, Samuel, Wine-merchant
  • Court, John, Wine-merchant
  • Ensworth, Thomas, Liquor-merchant [38 Cornmarket Street]
  • Parr, James, Liquor-merchant
  • Sims, W. G. & Co., Importers of Wine and Foreign Spirits
  • Toners, W.: Wine and Brandy Merchant
  • Walker & Trash, Wine-merchants
  • Wells, Edward, Liquor-merchant


All the following are simply described as victuallers (except where indicated). Presumably most of them sold beer, but as no differentiation is made in the directory and no licence was required, it is possible that some only sold food

Barnes, John
Beesley, Thomas
Binks, Sarah
Bishop, William
Blinco, John
Boetes, Mary
Booth, Thomas
Bradley, —
Buckley, Richard
Cale, John
Calloway, Thomas
Carter, John, Victualler (and Bargeman)
Castle, George
Castle, John
Clark, Frances
Clark, John
Clements, Richard
Collins, Wailliam
Cosur, Benjamin
Davis, Thomas
Dodd, Charles
Douch, Matthew
Ducker, Grace
Earl, Thomas
Eaton, John
Eaton, Stephen
Fletcher, Thomas
Frank, Robert
Freeman, Hugh
Godfrey, Francis
Gould, Charles
Grant, Edward
Green, John
Hall, Richard
Hancock, Mary
Hands, Nicholas
Harris, John
Harris, Thomas
Harrison, William
Hayes, William
Hemmins, William
Hemmings, Thomas
Hickman, Richard
Hicks, Joseph
Higgs, William
House, Mary
Hughes, A.
Hughes, Edward
Hurst, John
Keates, Moses
Knapp, James
London, Elizabeth
Love, Richard
Maisey, Thomas, Farrier and Victualler
Maltby, Ann
Orpwood, James
Pavier, Edward, Smith and Victualler
Penn, W. James
Plaister, William
Pridice, George
Sayer, Thomas
Smith, Richard
Spendelow, James
Taylor, John
Whiting, John
Williams Susannah
Wilson, John
Wyatt, Richard, Mason and Victualler