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John Traves (fl. 1520)

Mayor of Oxford 1519/20 and 1520/21

John Traves (or Travers/Travis/Trevers/Trevez/Treves) was an Oxford brewer and seller of ale (pandoxator).

He served the University and so was frequently involved in the Chancellor’s Court. On 4 July 1498 he appeared before that court and was bound over to keep the peace towards his servant, John King, with the threat of a penalty of 100s; and on 1 October 1498 John King sued Traves for arrears of wages. On many occasions he stood surety for the appearance of people in the court; in October 1503 he was used by the court as an arbitrator; and he pursued many debts and was pursued for debts in the court.

By 1512 he must have obtained the freedom of the city, as on 22 November 1512 he was an arbitrator for the Council between the shoemakers and their journeymen. On 12 January 1513 he is listed as one of the collectors of taxes, and in October 1518 was a Supervisor of Nuisances.

John Traves was elected Mayor of Oxford for 1519/20 and again for 1520/1. In October 1522 he was made an Alderman.

In 1524 he was listed under St Mary Magdalen parish as paying £3 6s 8d towards the lay subsidy.

† John Traves died after 1524. It is likely that he was buried at St Mary Magdalen Church, but no registers for that church dating from before 1565 have survived.




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