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Lord Mayors of the City of Oxford


”Since 1963 [Oxford] has boasted a Lord Mayor, instead of a plain Mayor, a distinction which it shares with
18 other English cities and which means, pomp apart, nothing whatsoever” (James Morris, 1965)

Lord Mayor's Parade 2009

Above: New Lord Mayor of Oxford Mary Clarkson with outgoing Lord Mayor Susanna Pressel on her right parading through Queen Street on 25 May 2009. Behind them are the new Deputy Lord Mayor John Goddard and Sheriff of Oxford Elise Benjamin

Below: Three former Labour Lord Mayors at the Remembrance Day Parade in St Giles on 13 November 2005: Carol Roberts (1998/9), Maureen Christian (2000/1), and Gill Sanders (2002/3)

Three lady Lord Mayors

The first Lord Mayor of Oxford was Evan Owen Roberts. He was elected plain Mayor in May 1962, but served as Lord Mayor from 23 October 1962 for the last five months of his year of office. This following is a list only, and there is no plan to add biographies. Where, however, the Lord Mayor in question happens to have an entry in Wikpedia, a link is provided; and a note is made if they have a full entry in the Oxford Dictionary for National Biography (ODNB).

Only four women served as Mayor up to 1962, but since that date there have been another eighteen women, shown in red below. Elise Benjamin was Oxford’s first Green Party Lord Mayor.

Bill Buckingham
Bill Buckingham, Lord Mayor 1994/5

List of every Lord Mayor of Oxford

1962/1963: Evan Owen Roberts

1963/1964: Alec Percival Parker. Died 1973

1964/1965: John Leonard Norman Baker (University Councillor). Died 1971.
                      Has Wikipedia and ODNB entry

1965/1966: Mrs Florence Kathleen Lower, OBE
                     Wife of Marcus Lower (Mayor 1955/6)

1966/1967: Air-Vice-Marshall William Foster Macneece Foster. Died 1978
                      Has Wikpedia entry

1967/1968: Francis (Frank) Vincent Pickstock (Labour). Died 1985

1968/1969: Peter Spencer Spokes (Conservative). Died 1978.
                      Father of Ann Spokes (Lord Mayor in 1976/7). Has biography on “Oxford at War 1914–1918” website

1969/1970: Percy Dudley Bromley. Died 1986

1970/1971: Michael Maclagan (University Councillor). Died 2003
                     Has Wikipedia entry

1971/1972: Thomas James Meadows

1972/1973: Arthur Bernard Connors

1973/1974: Frederick George Ingram (Conservative). Died 2003, aged 100.
                      Report on his death

1974/1975: Mrs Olive Frances Gibbs (Labour, 1st of two terms). Died 1995.
                      Has Wikipedia and ODNB entry

Bill Fagg
Bill Fagg, Lord Mayor 1975/6
(plus 21 May–6 July 1987)

1975/1976: William George Robert Fagg (Labour). Died 2000.
                      Report on his death

1976/1977: Miss Ann Hazel Spokes,
                      later Mrs Ann Spokes Symonds (Conservative).
                      Daughter of Peter Spokes (Lord Mayor 1968/9).
                      Has Wikpedia entry

1977/1978: Mrs Dora Minnie Carr. Died 1991

1978/1979: William Eaton (Bill) Simpson. Died 1981

1979/1980: John Arundell Hamilton (Conservative). Died 1999
                      Husband of Queenie Hamilton (Lord Mayor 1990/1)

1980/1981: Gordon Woodward (Conservative). Died July 2002

1981/1982: Henry Briskol Nicholson Myers Nimmo (Labour).
                      Died in office on 12 December 1981
                      Mrs Olive Frances Gibbs (Labour, 2nd of two terms, 
                      December 1981 to May 1982 only)
: see above

1982/1983: Anthony William (Tony) Williamson (Labour)

1983/1984: Mrs Janet Gillespie Todd (Conservative). Died 2006
                     Report on her death

1984/1985: Frank Arnold Garside (Conservative). Died 1988

1985/1986: Roger Alan Dudman (Labour). Died 1990
                     Has Wikipedia entry

1986/1987: John George William Parker (Labour). Died 1989

1987/1988: Councillor Bert Standingford (Labour) died on 19 May 1987 when he was Lord Mayor Elect.
                     W. G. R. Fagg (see above) acted as Lord Mayor 21 May–6 July 1987, and the
                     Mrs Standingford then took her husband's place:

                     Mrs Elizabeth Florence Mary Standingford (Labour). Died 2015.
                      Report on her death  

Queenie Whorley
Queenie Whorley, Lord Mayor 1988/9

1988/1989: Nellie Dorothy (“Queenie”) Whorley
                      (later Mrs Comfort) (Conservative). Died 2017

1989/1990: Patricia Anne Tempest Yardley (Conservative)

1990/1991: Mrs Queenie Lewingdon Hamilton (Conservative).
                      Died 2016: Report on her death.
                      Wife of John Hamilton (Lord Mayor 1979/80)

1991/1992: Alan David Pope (Labour)

1992/1993: Mrs Barbara May Gatehouse (Labour). Died 2016
                      Reports on her retirement and death

1993/1994: John Gordon Power (Labour)

1994/1995: William Walker Buckingham (Labour). Died 2017
                     Report on his death

1995/1996: Joseph Charles (Joe) Blewitt (Labour)

1996/1997: Beryl Ivy Keen (Labour)
                      Wife of Bryan Keen below. Report on her retirement

1997/1998: William John (Bill) Baker (Labour). Died 2014
                     Report on his death

1998/1999: Carol Roberts (Labour). Died 2015.
                      Report on her death

1999/2000: Mrs Valerie (Val) Smith (Labour). Died 2015
                      Report on her death

2000/2001: Mrs Maureen Christian (Labour). Died 2009
                     Report on her death

2001/2002: Peter Moss (Labour). Died 2006
                      Report on his death

2002/2003: Mrs Gillian Ann (Gill) Sanders (Labour)   

2003/2004: Patrick (Pat) Stannard (Labour)

2004/2005: Bryan Keen (Labour)
                     Husband of Beryl Keen above

2005/2006: Robert John (Bob) Price (Labour)   

2006/2007: Jim Campbell (LibDem)  

2007/2008: John Tanner (Labour)   

2008/2009: Susanna Pressel (Labour)

2009/2010: Mary Clarkson (Labour)
                      Has Wikipedia entry

2010/2011: John Goddard (LibDem)

2011/2012: Elise Benjamin (Green)

2012/2013: Alan Armitage (LibDem). Resigned 4 March 2012 (Report on reasons for resignation)
                      Mohammed Abbasi elected Lord Mayor on 13 March 2013 to cover the final two months of mayoral year

2013/2014: Dee Sinclair (Labour)

2014/2015: Mohammed Abbasi (Labour)

2015/2016: Rae Humberstone (Labour)

2016/2017: Mohammed Altaf-Khan (LibDem)

2017/2018: Jean Fooks (LibDem)

2018/2019: Lord Mayor elect: Colin Cook (Labour)

Lord Mayor’s Parade

This takes place in Oxford each year on the Bank Holiday Monday at the end of May,
soon after the new Lord Mayor starts his or her term of office.

Lord Mayor’s Parade 2007

Lord Mayor’s Parade 2008

Lord Mayor’s Parade 2009

Lord Mayor’s Parade 2010

The election of Lord Mayor usually takes place in May each year (immediately after any city council elections). Section 37 of the Representation of the People Act 1983 established the date of local elections throughout the country as the first Thursday in May (but this can be postponed by Statutory Instrument to June if it is necessary that the election coincides with those to the European Parliament)

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