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Richard Millett (d. 1519?)

Mayor of Oxford 1518/19

Richard Millett (or Mylett) was an Oxford vinter, possibly at the Swindlestock Tavern, as on 31 August 1499 he was involved in a dispute about that tavern and the delivery of goods to himself that came before the Chancellor’s Court. He made various claims in that court and also stood surety for various people there between 1498 and 1506.

In 1495 Millett was elected as a Bailiff on the council. In November 1512 he acted as an Arbitrator in a dispute within the Cordwainers’ Guild.

In 1515 Millett was made an Alderman.

Richard Millett was elected Mayor on 29 September 1518 (for 1518/19), but halfway through his term of office, in March 1519, William Bulcombe took over as Mayor, suggesting that Millett may have died.

† Alderman Richard Millett probably died in March 1519. There is a will, however, of a man called Richard Millet who died in 1527: he owned land in Oxfordshire and desired to be buried at the Church of St Margaret or Frideswide, which is in Binsey.




See also:

  • PCC Will PROB 11/22/421 (Will of Richard Millet or Myllet, proved 30 October 1527).
    If Millett did die in 1519, this will may be irrelevant

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