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Thomas Shelton (d. c.1525)

Mayor of Oxford 1521/2, 1522/3, and 1523/4

Thomas Shelton (or Schelton/Skelton/Shelton/Sheldon) began life as a carpenter, but ended up an Oxford brewer (Pandaxator) who was Master of the Brewers’ Guild.

In 1495 Richard Walker, Prior of St Frideswide’s confessed that he owed Shelton £14, to be paid £2 every half year.

Shelton and his wife Elizabeth appear in the records of the Chancellor’s Court from 1498, indicating that Shelton dealt with the University.

Shelton was elected Bailiff on 29 September 1512, which automatically granted him a place thereafter on the Consilium majoris. In October 1518 and again the next year he was chosen as a Supervisor of Nuisances.

Shelton was first elected Mayor in 1521 (for 1521/2), and was re-elected for the two following years (1522/3 and 1523/4).

In 1524 he was assessed in St Aldate’s parish to pay the joint highest amount in Oxford towards the lay subsidy: £3 6s 8d.

† Thomas Shelton was dead by 1526, when his widow, Mrs Elizabeth Shelton, was granted for her lifetime the use of Trill Mill Hall (which was then to pass to Elizabeth Palmer and her assigns).





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