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Sir John Gibbes II (fl. 1410)

Mayor of Oxford 1413/14, 1414/15, and 1415/16

John Gibbes II (or Gybbes or Gybbys) was the son of John Gibbes I (who was Mayor four times betwen 1377 and 1384). He became a vintner, following his father’s trade.

In 1386 Gibbes leased a large plot of land from the Church of St Michael at the Northgate, and agreed to build houses on it and let them at farm.

Gibbes was Bailiff in 1405 and 1411, and was chosen as one of the four Alderman in 1412.

Gibbes was chosen as Mayor of Oxford for three successive years (1413/14, 1414/15, and 1415/16).

He appears to have been knighted in 1413, which was a Coronation year. As the previous Mayor had died that year, it is possible that Gibbes took office well before the usual November, which could explain his knighthood: he may have attended the Coronation of Henry V on 9 April 1413 in the Oxford Mayor’s traditional role of butler.

Gibbes’s son, also called John Gibbes, was a supporter of the Earl of Kent, and rebelled against Henry IV in 1400, but was later pardoned.

† Sir John Gibbes died after 1416.

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