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Walter Daundsey (fl. 1410)

Mayor of Oxford 1409/10, 1410/11, 1416/17, 1417/18, 1418/19, 1423/4

Walter Daundsey (or Daundesye/Daundesey/Dawnseye) was elected Senior Bailiff on the council in 1400, 1402, and 1403.

By 1406 he was made an Alderman, and in that year he was chosen as one of four representatives of the Town to treat with four representatives of the University.

In 1408 he was again chosen as one of the representatives to appear before the Archbishop of Canterbury in a dispute with the University.

Twine records that the fishmonger Walter Crook sold “Swineshill” (near Folly Bridge and then in Berkshire) to Daundsey, who is described as “dominus de la Wyke”.

He was chosen as one of the four Aldermen in 1406, 1412, 1414, 1419, 1421, and 1424.

Walter Daundsey was elected Mayor of Oxford for 1409/10, 1410/11, 1416/17, 1417/18, and 1418/19.

On 1 December 1418 King Henry V issued a commission of oyer and terminer on the complaint of the Abbot of Osney that Walter Daundsey and others had broken two of his weirs at North and South Osney and had carried off nine horses.

He was elected Mayor of Oxford for the sixth and last time for 1423/4, and and the certificate stating that he duly took the Mayor’s Oath on 30 September 1423 still survives.

† Walter Daundsey died after 1424.

See also:

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  • City Archives: Letters patent of 2 Henry VI: Certificate of Mayor’s Oath
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