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John Gibbes I (fl. 1380)

Mayor of Oxford 1377/8, 1378/9, 1383/4, and 1384/5

John Gibbes I (or Gybbes) was a wealthy vintner. He held both Knaphall (also known as the Falcon) and Ducklington’s Inn.

Gibbs was Bailiff in 1365, 1367, and 1368.

John Gibbes was also elected Member of Parliament for Oxford in 1369, 1376, and 1377.

He was elected Mayor of Oxford for two consecutive years in 1377/8 and 1378/9.

He was chosen as one of the four Aldermen in 1380, 1382, and 1385.

At the time of the Poll Tax in 1380 he was duly described as an Alderman. He and his wife Joanna who lived in the South-East Ward had to pay a massive 13s 4d, with their servants Robert and Joanna paying 12d and 4d respectively.

He was elected Mayor of Oxford again in 1383/4 and 1384/5

In 1386 he leased a large plot of land from the Church of St Michael at the Northgate, and agreed to build houses on it and let them at farm.

† John Gibbes I died after 1386.


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