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William Dagville I (d. 1399)

Mayor of Oxford 1380/1, 1381/2, 1385/6, 1389/90, and 1394/5

William Dagville I (or Dagfeld / Dagvale / Dagavyll / Dagvile / Dagvyll / Daggevile / Dagvill) (d.1399) was one of the wealthiest men in late fourteenth-century Oxford. In the poll tax of 1380 he and Juliana his wife paid the very high sum of 13s 4d, while his servants Robert and John paid 4d each.

According to Anthony Wood, Dagville’s Inn was the Mitre in All Saints parish, but H. E. Salter believes it more likely that Dagville’s Inn was just the western end of the Mitre, or possibly 12 High Street.

Dagville was appointed a Bailiff on the council in 1370, and was Mayor five times between 1380 and 1394. He was chosen as one of the four Aldermen in 1384, 1388, 1390, 1392, 1393, 1396, 1397, and 1398.

Dagville was also Member of Parliament for Oxford in 1378, 1382, and 1383.

In 1389/90 Dagville was granted a perpetual lease by the council of a small piece of the river bank by Waterhall.

On 24 June 1396 he instigated the excommunication of his servant, John Grove.

† Willliam Dagville I died in 1399.

His son Thomas Dagville and grandson William Dagville II were both in turn elected Mayor of Oxford.

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  • City Archives, D.5.1., ff. 71–104
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