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Nicholas de Stockwell

Mayor of Oxford 1246/7, 1248/9, 1264/5, and 1265/6

Nicholas de Stockwell (or Stokewell / Stocwell / Stokkewell) was the son of Richard de Stockwell and the brother of Geoffrey de Stockwell, who had himself served as Mayor.

Nicholas Stockwell was elected Mayor in 1246, 1248, 1264, and 1265.

In 1256 Sir Nicholas de Meules gave the Carmelite Friars a site in Stockwell Street (which ran northwards from the Castle along the line of the present Worcester and Walton Streets). Anthony Wood records that Stockwell was an admirer of the White Friars, who were seeking to enlarge their first house to add more buildings and an oratory, and gave adjoining land in Stockwell Street to them:

“For this purpose they sollicite one Nicholas de Stocwell, a sufficient burgess of Oxford, one that for his prudence and wealth had undergon the office of Maior of this corporation severall years. He (it seems) being a great admirer of their holiness and exemplary carriage, had before been verie beneficiall to them in severall respects; but now, they being reduced to some extremity of enlarging their territories, he did upon their sollicitation give them an area or plot of ground joyning to that of Meules.



See also:

  • Geoffrey de Stockwell (Mayor 1237–9), his brother
  • Wood’s City of Oxford, III, pp. 63–5, “Of the name of Stockwell, Oxon”

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