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Geoffrey de Stockwell (fl. 1238)

Mayor of Oxford 1237/8, 1238/9, and 1239/40

Geoffrey de Stockwell (or Stokewell / Stocwell / Stokkewell) was the son of Richard de Stockwell and the brother of Nicholas de Stockwell, who was also to serve as Mayor. The surname derives from a well in Oxford.

Anthony Wood states that Geoffrey (“Galfridus”) Stockwell owned Stockwell (later Montacute’s) Mead, near St Frideswide’s Priory; there was also a Stockwell’s Well (between the present Worcester College and the canal) and a Stockwell Street (which ran northwards from the Castle along the line of the present Worcester and Walton Streets).

He was elected Mayor of Oxford for 1237/8, 1238/9, and 1239/40.

† Geoffrey de Stockwell died after 1240.





See also:

  • Nicholas de Stockwell (Mayor 1246/7, 1248/9, 1264/5, 1265/6), his brother
  • Wood’s City of Oxford, III, pp. 63–5, “Of the name of Stockwell, Oxon”

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