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Philip de Eu junior (fl. 1290)

Mayor of Oxford 1295/6, 1296/7, and 1299/1300

Philip de Eu (or de Ew, de Ewe, de O, de OO, de Ow, de Ho) junior was the son of Philip de Eu senior (Mayor in 1276) and the younger brother of John de Eu (Mayor in 1290, 1300, and 1304).

He was elected Praepositus (Bailiff) in 1278, 1282, and 1283.

Philip de Eu was elected Mayor of Oxford for 1286/7, 1295/6, 1296/7, and 1299/1300.

Philip de Eu junior died after 1300.

Philip de Eu junior’s had at least two children:



See also:

  • Philip de Eu senior (Mayor of Oxford 1276), his father
  • John de Eu (Mayor of Oxford 1290, 1300, and 1304), his elder brother

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