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Sir Andrew Worminghall (fl. 1335)

Mayor of Oxford 1327/8

Andrew Worminghall (or de Wormhale/Wormenhale) was the son of Robert Wormenhall, who himself served as Mayor of Oxford in 1298/9. He married Joan, the daughter of Philip de Eu junior (Mayor in 1286).

He was elected Bailiff on the council in 1316.

In 1325, 1327, 1330, 1331, 1332, 1336, January and September 1337, and 1339 he was elected Member of Parliament for Oxford.

By 1337 Andrew Worminghall had been knighted. He was was elected Mayor of Oxford for 1337/8. (Wood says that he was elected Mayor in 1340 as well.)

In 1337 he was one of three men chosen to discuss urgent business with the King (Edward III) at Westminster.

† Sir Andrew Worminghall died after 1337.


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