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John Culvert (fl. 1285)

Mayor of Oxford, 1285/6 and 1293/4

John Culvert (or Culverd) was elected Bailiff on the Council in 1270 and again in 1284.

In 1285, a case was brought before the Justices in Eyre mentioning the house of John Culvert and his wife Christina. He was listed in that year as a Coroner and a Juror.

Culvert was first elected Mayor of Oxford for 1285/6, and Anthony Wood conjectured that the previous Mayor, Nicholas de Kingston, may have died in office and that Culvert took over before the start of the mayoral year.

Culvert was elected Mayor a second time for 1293/4. He was also elected Alderman for the South-West Ward of the City.

On 1 February 1333 a lease was of the Mitre was granted to John Culvert.

† John Culvert died soon after 1333.








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