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Richard de Wodehay (fl. 1365)

Mayor of Oxford 1362/3, 1363/4, 1364/5, and 1366/7

Richard de Wodehay (or Woodhay/Wydehay) was chosen Junior Bailiff on the council in 1359.

He was elected Mayor three years running for 1362/3, 1363/4, and 1364/5.

A third of the way through his third mayoralty, on 20 January 1364/5, he was also elected Member of Parliament for Oxford.

In 1367, when Wodehay was one of the four Aldermen, he was elected Mayor a fourth time.

Anthony Wood records the regulations of Oxford market in about 1370 (he assigns them to 1318, but H. E. Salter argues the later date). These regulations state that in the High Street, that “The sellers of earthen pots and coles shall stand between the said lane of S. Edward [Alfred Street] and the tenenement [sic] sometimes of John Hampton which Richard Woodehay held while he lived, and from that place upwards”. This indicates that Wodehay lived at the west end of the High.

† Richard de Wodehay died after 1367.

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