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John de Hertwell (fl. 1370)

Mayor of Oxford 1367/8 and 1372/3

John de Hertwell (or Hartwell/Hertewelle) was chosen as Senior Bailiff on the council in 1359.

In 1360 he was granted a lease of the Mitre.

On 20 January 1364/5 he was elected Member of Parliament for Oxford.

Hertwell was chosen as Mayor of Oxford for the first time in 1367 (for 1367/8), and a letter dated May 1368 from Hertwell and the burgesses of Oxford to their representatives in London is recorded by Twyne (iv.201).

In 1371 Hertwell was one of the four Aldermen.

He was chosen Mayor a second time in 1372 (for 1372/3), and a certificate of his having duly taken the Mayor’s oath at Westminster, dated 1 October 1372, survives in the City Archives. Twyne (23, 446) records a verdict that the town gates should not be closed at night made on 21 June 1373 “coram Iohanne de Hertwell, maiore ville Oxonie”.

John de Hertwell died after 1373.

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