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Robert Walford (fl. 1445)

Mayor of Oxford 1444/5 and 1445/6

Robert Walford (alias Sadler) is listed as a juror in 1428, and was a Chamberlain on the council in the year 1429/30, when he made a claim of 10s. 8d. for expenses for himself and his servant of riding to London and staying there ten days on the city’s business, and another 14s. 8d. for a similar visit of twelve days.

Walford was an innkeeper: a slip of paper pasted on to Wood, folio 319a, reads: “Robert Sadyller, maior anno 1447 Decembr., fuit tabernarius, vide Aa fol. 28a”. The fact that he regularly obtained consignments of wine from Southampton is clear from a legal dispute in Chancery.

Walford was elected Junior Bailiff in 1436 and Senior Bailiff in 1440. He was appointed one of the four Aldermen in 1443 and 1450.

Walford was elected Mayor of Oxford for 1444/5 and again for 1445/6.

On 10 February 1446/7 he was also elected Member of Parliament for Oxford.

He is mentioned as still being an Alderman on 4 December 1452.

† Robert Walford died after 1452.

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  • Eary Chancery Proceedings, 16/615
  • Biography not yet available on the History of Parliament website

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