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Thomas Bailey (d. 1443/4?)

Mayor of Oxford 1440/1, 1441/2, 1442/3, and 1443/4

Thomas Bailey (or Baily/Bailly/Bayley/Baylly) may well be related to the man of the same name who was appointed Senior Bailiff in 1407.

Bailey was appointed Senior Bailiff in 1437.

Bailey was elected Member of Parliament for Oxford on 21 January 1436/7, and again on 25 January 1441/2.

He was elected Mayor four years running in 1440/1, 1441/2, 1442/3, and 1443/4.

† Thomas Bailey probatly died in January or February 1443/4 (during his last term of office as Mayor), as by 24 February Thomas Dagville had taken over as Mayor.



See also:

  • City Records: Certificate of 29 September 1443 of Thomas Bailey having duly taken the Mayor’s oath dated from Wesminster “teste J. ffray”
  • City Records 415: reference to a gift of scarlet and crimson gowns for senior councillors by Thomas Bailey
  • Biography not yet available on the History of Parliament website

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