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Thomas Somerset (fl. 1380)

Mayor of Oxford 1392/3

Thomas Somerset was an Oxford draper. He lived in the North-West ward at the time of the 1380 lay subsidy, and paid 14s. 4d. (more than any other couple in the town) on behalf of himself and his wife Elena. He also paid 4d. for his apprentice Philip and the same for his servant Elizabeth.

Somerset was chosen as Senior Bailiff on the council in 1376.

On 24 April 1379 he was elected as Member of Parliament for Oxford along with Edmund Kenyan, and was elected a second time on 3 February 1387/8

Somerset was chosen as one of the four Aldermen in 1388, 1389, 1390, and 1393.

Thomas Somerset was elected Mayor just once, for 1392/3.

† Thomas Somerset died between 1396 and 1399




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