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Edmund Kenyan (d.1413)

Mayor of Oxford 1401/2, 1404/5, and 1412/13

Edmund Kenyan (or Kenian) (d. 1413) was a “hosteller”.

Kenyan married Mrs Elizabeth Sellwood, the widow of the former Mayor Richard Sellwood. He and Elizabeth paid 3s 4d (a considerable sum) in the lay subsidy of 1380 in the South-East Ward of Oxford Their two former servants, Johanna and Christina, paid 4d each.

Kenyan served as Member of Parliament for Oxford nine times between 1379 and 1394

He was a bailiff on the council in 1385 and 1389, and was elected one of the four Alderman in 1399, 1402, 1406, and 1410.

Edmund Kenyan served as Mayor of Oxford for 1401/2, 1404/5, and 1412/13.

† Edmund Kenyan died in 1413, apparently during his third period of office, probably before the Coronation of Henry V on 9 April.




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