North end of Hertford College (formerly Nos. 28–30)

Hertford College

The above picture shows the new northern section of Hertford College, which was built in two phases, in 1901 and 1923

The photograph on the left shows Phase I, the 1901 development, with No. 28 Broad Street on the corner rebuilt. Nos. 29 and 30 are still shops, and remained so until 1923

The old part of Hertford College is in Catte Street within the old city wall; the new part is on the east side of Broad Street, outside the wall

No. 28 Broad Street (Clarendon House) was bought by Hertford from New College in 1898. They demolished it in 1901 and built new four-storey college accommodation, which in 1914 they linked to the rest of the college by the “Bridge of Sighs”

No. 29 Broad Street (once the octagonal chapel of Our Lady at Smith Gate, built in 1521 and known as the Round House) was incorporated into the college in 1923 and heavily altered in 1931, but its shape can still be discerned today

No. 30 Broad Street (a small shop) was demolished by Hertford in 1923 and rebuilt as four-storey accommodation. This brought the height of Hertford up to that of the Indian Institute, its semi-detached neighbour at 31, 32, 33, and 34  Broad Street to the north

Photograph of the east side of Broad Street in 1900

The parts of Hertford that occupy the site of 28 and 30 are jointly Grade II listed (List Entry No. 1199235), while the former octagonal chapel at 29 in the middle is listed separately (List Entry No. 1369642)

New College Lane without bridge


The engraving on the left shows what the entrance to New College Lane looked like before it was spanned by a bridge joining the two sections of Hertford College

The bridge (below) is nicknamed the Bridge of Sighs, but in fact bears no resemblance to the original Ponte dei Sospiri in Venice. It was built in 1913.

The three buildings that were demolished (or nearly so) to make room for the North Quad of Hertford are the only part of Broad Street that lies in St Peter-in-the-East parish.


Hertford bridge

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