No. 30: Former house/shop

30 Broad Street

Part of Hertford College



No. 30 Broad Street was a tiny shop (left). It was demolished in 1923 by Hertford College when they expanded northwards from their 1898 building on the corner of New College Lane right up to the Indian Institute. The new building that they built on the site (right) is much taller, matching the Indian Institute in height



Old shop at No. 30


No. 30 (the dwelling to the north of the octagonal chapel) was occupied by William Dutton in 1771, Thomas Richardson in 1765, John Collis in 1789 and 1808, John Castell, tailor in 1822 and 1837.

The 1772 Survey of Oxford shows Mr Rawlins at this house, and gives its frontage as 8 yards 0 ft 7 in.

On 6 June 1835 Joseph Knibbs, the boot & shoe maker here, announced in Jackson's Oxford Journal that he was retiring and that his brother-in-law Archibald Kerr was taking over the business. Knibbs died in 1838.

On 11 October 1845 Jackson's Oxford Journal advertised an auction of this property at the east end of Broad Street, which was held under the City for 40 years from Lady Day 1837.

In 1851 30 Broad Street was occupied by Anne Newark, a widowed dressmaker of 50, her 11-year-old daughter, and three lodgers.

In the 1861 it was occupied by a tobacconist, William Bacon, and his wife and five children: the eldest, William T. Bacon, was also a tobacconist, and is still listed here with his father in 1881.


The picture on the left shows No. 30 in about 1920, when it was occupied by Williams, a wardrobe dealer

Occupants of the original house at 30 Broad Street listed in directories

To 1835

J. Knibbs, Boot & shoe maker

1839, 1839

Archibald Kerr, Boot & Shoe Maker etc.


Frances Holt, Stay maker


A. Quartermain, Breeches maker & glover
Ann Newark, Milliner & dressmaker
Frances Holt, Stay maker


William Bacon, Tobacconist & Cricketing & lawn tennis outfitters


Turner Bros., Tobacconists & athletic outfitters


Mrs Williams, Fancy repository


George E. Williams, Wardrobe dealer (E.A. Williams from 1912)

Demolished in 1923 to make room for the expansion of Hertford College

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