Oxford Milestones

See also Oxford's Boundary Stones (including Highway and Mileway Stones)

Milestone in Headington

Four turnpike roads passed through or terminated at Oxford:

Abingdon–Oxford–Banbury turnpike (A34/A4165):
Three milestones (Foxcombe, Abingdon, and Banbury Roads)
and two toll houses

London–Henley–Oxford turnpike (A4158):
One milestone (at Rose Hill)

London–Oxford–Worcester turnpike (A420/A4144):
Complete run of twelve milestones (Wheatley to Yarnton)

Oxford–Cumnor–Faringdon turnpike (A420)
One milestone (at Cumnor)
and a toll house

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The Oxford Canal

The canal also had canal milestones, as most cargoes would be charged by the mile.

Canal milestone
Two miles from Oxford canal basin

Canal milestone
Three miles from Oxford canal basin

Canal milestone
Four miles from Oxford canal basin

The stone on the left is on the Oxford Canal towpath north of the Elizabeth Jennings Way bridge (about 50 metres south of the Wolvercote railway bridge). The one in the middle is a mile further north, just beyond the ring-road and canal bridge 233; and the one on the right is another mile further north again.

Unfortunately canal milestones that survive are missing their cast-iron mileage plates, but the indents for the four leaded dowels with which the plates were fixed can be seen.

Stephanie Jenkins, 2013