No. 40: Linacre College annexe

40 St Giles

The main part of No. 40 dates from about 1600, while the flat-roofed single-storey wing shown on the right of the above photograph dates from the eighteenth century. It is a Grade II* listed building (List Entry No. 1068575) and lies in St Giles' parish. It is the only house in St Giles’ Street that is set back from the road with a proper front garden.

In 1772 a survey of every house in the city was taken in consequence of the Mileways Act of 1771. No. 40 was then occupied by Vincent Shortland, and its frontage measured 17 yards 1 feet 6 inches. Shortland had probably inherited this house from the Riggins family, along with their timber-yard on the site of Nos. 37 and 37A, and he seems to have lived here until 1789, as a house in St Giles “late in occupation of Vincent Shortland” is advertised to let in Jackson’s Oxford Journal of 10 October that year. He thus probably lived in this house during his first term as Mayor in 1780/1, when he advertised in Jackson’s Oxford Journal of 27 August 1781 a reward for the return of a horse stolen from his St Giles home. In 5 May 1790 Shortland was again advertising a house to rent, late in occupation of Mrs Stuart.

The 1841 census shows the Revd Richard Tiddeman living in the house with his wife and their five children: Emma, Spencer, Augusta, Maria, and Lydia, plus four servants.

On 31 March 1849 a forthcoming sale by public competition of eight houses that had belonged to Samuel Collingwood was announced in Jackson’s Oxford Journal. No. 41 was in this group and was described thus:

All that convenient FREEHOLD FAMILY RESIDENCE, … in the occupation of the Rev. Mr. Tiddeman, approached through a flower garden 43 feet in length; containing entrance hall, breakfast room, dining room, library, and drawing room, five principal bed rooms and two attics, water closet, excellent kitchen, and all suitable domestic offices; together with garden attached.  

In 1851 Lydia Mallam, a widowed house proprietor of 56, was living here with her four daughters and two sons, plus a cook and a housemaid; she was still here in 1861 with her two eldest daughters.

In 1881 the house was occupied by Edmund S. Ffoulkes, the Vicar of St Mary the Virgin, and his wife and daughter, plus two servants.

It was unoccupied at the time of the 1891 census.

It has been a Linacre College house from the early 1960s.

Occupants of 40 St Giles’ Street listed in censuses and directories


Rev. Richard Philip Goldworthy Tiddeman


Mrs Lydia Mallam
(Misses Mallam only in 1869)


Mrs Wotton


Captain William Frederick Foxcroft Jones


Rev. Edmund Salusbury Ffoulkes
Fellow of Jesus and Vicar of St Mary’s




H.M. Dowson


J. Bywater-Ward, B.A., M.D.
(Mrs Bywater-Ward only from 1902)


Edmund Cecil Bevers


Paul Norman Blake Odgers
University Reader & Demonstrator in Human Anatomy


Trevor Braby Heaton


John B. Bamborough
Principal of Linacre College


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