Oxford inns and hotels in 1846

Extract from Hunt & Co’s Oxford Directory, 1846

As well as the 130 inns and public houses listed below,
there were also around 70 beer houses in the city at this time (not listed)

Inns and Hotels (14)

Marked thus * are Posting Houses

[All of these establishments had a university wine licence]

* Angel Hotel (family), High Street: Griffith, Samuel Young
Crown Inn (commercial), Cornmarket Street: Noyes, William [Barrington Buggins in 1845]
Dickeson’s Hotel (and coffee house), Turl Street: Dickeson, John William
Golden Cross Inn (commercial), Cornmarket Street: Holland, William
Horse & Jockey Inn, Woodstock Road: Powney, John & James
*Kings Arms Hotel (family), 40 Holywell Street: Cox, Eliza & Stone, Francis
Maidenhead Inn, Turl Street: Bayzand, William
*Mitre Hotel, 17 High Street: Venables, Arthur
*Roebuck Hotel
(family & commercial), Cornmarket Street: Gurden, Richard
*Star Hotel (family), Cornmarket Street: Griffith, Samuel Young
Three Cups Inn (commercial), 44 Queen Street: Bruton, George & Co.
Three Goats Inn (commercial), 32 Cornmarket Street: Bishop, Thomas
Wheatsheaf and Anchor Inn (commercial), St Aldate’s Street: Crozier, William
White Hart Inn (commercial), Cornmarket Street: Manning, William[John Walker in 1845]

Inns and Public Houses (114)

[WL 1845] = had been issued with a University wine licence to 21 December 1845

Abingdon Arms, Market Street: Barnes, Charlotte [WL 1845 to George Matthew Barnes]
Abingdon House, 37  St Aldate Street: Carter, Richard
Anchor, Hayfield Hut: Harris, Anthony
Anchor, Cornmarket Street: Morley, Thomas
Anchor, New Road: Orpwood, Mary A. [WL 1845 to William Orpwood]
Ancient Druid, George Street: Skelding, George[WL 1845]
Angel Tap, Angel Yard, High Street: Randle, Charles

Balloon, 23 Queen Street: Rawbone, J.
Bear, Alfred Street: Dolley, James
Bell, 18 Cornmarket Street: Prior, James [WL 1845]
Bell and Crown, Magdalen Street: Rackstrow, William [WL 1845]
Bird in Hand, 5 Bear Lane: West, Charles John
Black Drummer, St Ebbe’s Street: Maltby, Edward
Black Horse, St Clement Street: Coppock, George [WL 1845]
Black Lion, Grove Street [Magpie Lane]: Slatter, James
Black Swan, 22 George Street: Newman, Edward
Blucher’s Head, Castle Street: Linzey, Thomas
Blue Pig, Red-lion Square: Magee, Owen [WL 1845]
Boar’s Head, Queen’s Lane: Jeffcoat, J.
Boat House Tavern, Folly Bridge: Sherratt, Mary
Britannia, Church Street: Maley, Sophia
Bull, Bull Street: Andrews, Benjamin

Cape of Good Hope, St Clement’s Plain: Rawbone, Thomas [WL 1845]
Champion, 17 George Street: Nevil, Elizabeth
Chequers, St Thomas Street: Bossom, W.
Chequers, High Street: Stroud, George [WL 1845]
City Arms, Radcliffe Square: Smith, J. [WL 1845]
Clarendon Arms, Walton Place: Pharaoh, John
Coach and Horses, 44 Holywell Street: Creed, James
Coach and Horses, King Street [Merton Street]: Durham, Martha
Coach and Horses, 33 Queen Street: Guise, Rebecca
Coach and Horses, High Street: Teale, Jane
Coach and Horses, St Giles’ Road: Whitefoot, Ann
Coach and Horses, St Clement’s Street: Wyatt, John
Cross Keys, 36 Queen Street: Handy, Samuel
Crown and Thistle, Market Street: Goundrey, John [WL 1845]

Dog and Partridge, 35 Broad Street: Ryman, John
Dolphin and Anchor, 43 St Aldate’s Street: Dolley, Thomas [WL 1845]

Eight Bells, Church Street: Williams, Charles

Flying Horse, 73 High Street: Popple, Matthias
Fox, 137 High Street: Jelfs, John
Friar, Friar Street: Stanton, Elizabeth

George and Dragon, 36 George Street: Marsh, Thomas
George and Dragon, 2 Merton Street: Way, William
Grapes, 4 George Street: Betsworth, Mary
Green Dragon, 9 St Aldate Street: Andrews, John
Greyhound, Worcester Street: Callis, John Joseph

Half Moon, St Clement’s Street: Milsham, Sarah
Hare and Hounds, 66 St Giles Street: Archer, Hannah Maria
Hind’s Head, 26 Queen Street: Washer, Oliver [WL 1845]
Holly Bush, Park End Street: Lipscomb, Christopher
Hope and Anchor, 2 George Street: Boswell, Henry
Horse and Chair, 29 Pembroke Street: Bevan, Thomas
Horse and Groom, St Ebbe’s Street: Slatter, James
Horse and Jockey, 91 Holywell Street: Fowler, Robert [WL 1845 to John & James Powney]

Jericho House, Jericho: Higgins, Joseph [WL 1845]
Jolly Farmers, Paradise Street: Maltby, James Arthur
Jolly Farmers (original), 1 Cornmarket Street: Sutton, Edward
Jolly Post Boys, 140 High Street: Gallaway, John

King’s Head, 17 Holywell Street: Simms, James
King’s Head & Three Cups Tap, 43 Queen Street: Ford, Thomas

Lamb and Flag, St Thomas Street: Allen, William
Lamb and Flag, St Giles Street: Gurden, Richard [WL 1845 to Samuel Bough]
Leden Porch Hall, 41 Pembroke Street: Clarke, John
Light Horseman, 52 High Street: Dee, James
Little Cross, 9 Cornmarket Street: Matthews, William

Marquis of Granby, 36 Cornmarket Street: Brightwell, John

Nag’s Head, Hythe Bridge: Cox, Edward Thomas
Nag’s Head, King Street: Thornton, Elizabeth
Navigation End, New Road: Pacey, James
Nelson, 22 St Aldate’s Street: Seary, Elizabeth [WL 1845]
New Inn, St Aldate Street: Eden, James [WL 1845]
North Star, 3 Broad Street: Gittins, Isabella

Old Swan & Castle, 48 Castle Street: Astley, William

Packet, George Street: Luker, Ann
Paviers Arms
, Castle Street: Buckland, John
Pheasant, St Giles Street: Neave, Matthew
Plasterers Arms, St Clements: Petty, Ann
Plough, 38 Cornmarket Street: Pickett, John
Plough and Anchor, Jericho: Taylor, Mary
Plume of Feathers, 38 George Street: Gibbons, William
Port Mahon, St Clement’s Street: Burnhill, Catherine
Prince Albert, Queen Street: Watts, Matthew Henry

Red Lion, Pembroke Street: Clark, Henry
Red Lion, Red Lion Square: Collis, Charles
Red Lion, 139 High Street: Harrison, Fanny
Rising Sun, Church Street: Lee, Elizabeth
Robin Hood, Hythe Bridge Street: Bossom, William
Robin Hood, Holywell: Davis, Thomas
Roebuck Tap, Market Street: Paget, William
Royal Oak, St Giles Road: Howse, William
Running Horses, Hythe Bridge: Howkins, William

Saddler’s Arms, Turl Street: Wallis, Hannah [WL 1845]
Sherborne Arms, 1 Castle Street: Bailey, William [WL 1845]
Ship, Ship Street: Weller, Elizabeth [WL 1845]
Shoulder of Mutton, St Thomas Street: Wyatt, Lawrence
Star, Park Place: Dodson, Thomas
Star and Garter, 20 Cornmarket Street: Nickols, William
Star Hotel Tap, Cornmarket Street: Purbrick, Henry

Turks Head, St Thomas Street: Hutt, William
Three Horse Shoes, 46 Castle Street, Davis, John
Three Tuns, St Ebbe’s Street: Hemmings, Joseph
Two Brewers
, 34 St Aldate Street: Salter, George

University Arms, Red Lion Square: Blencowe, John [WL1845]

Vine Inn, 133 High Street: Hunt, Thomas [WL 1845 to Sarah Stevens]

Waggon and Horses, 16 St Giles Road: Andrews, Thomas
Wellington, Cornmarket Street: Roberts, Mary Ann
Westminster Hall, St Aldate’s Street: Wyllie, John Watts
Wheatsheaf, High Street: Wright, Thomas
Wheatsheaf (old), St Aldate Street: Randall, Harriet
White Horse, 52 Broad Street: King, James
White Horse, St Thomas Street: Pearcy, William
White Swan, Paradise Street: Timms, William
Windmill, St Giles Street: Hutt, Henry
Windsor Castle, St Thomas Street: Wakelin, Bailey
Woodstock Arms, Magdalen Street: Parr, George