Oxford inns and hotels in 1846

Extract from Hunt & Co’s Oxford Directory, 1846:

Inns and Hotels

Marked thus * are Posting Houses

* Angel Hotel (family), High Street: Griffith, Samuel Young
Crown Inn (commercial), Cornmarket Street: Noyes, William
Dickeson’s Hotel (and coffee house), Turl Street: Dickeson, John William
Golden Cross Inn (commercial), Cornmarket Street: Holland, William
Horse & Jockey Inn, Woodstock Road: Powney, John & James
*Kings Arms Hotel (family), 40 Holywell Street: Cox, Eliza & Stone, Francis
Maidenhead Inn, Turl Street: Bayzand, William
*Mitre Hotel, 17 High Street: Venables, Arthur
*Roebuck Hotel
(family & commercial), Cornmarket Street: Gurden, Richard
*Star Hotel (family), Cornmarket Street: Griffith, Samuel Young
Three Cups Inn (commercial), 44 Queen Street: Bruton, George & Co.
Three Goats Inn (commercial), 32 Cornmarket Street: Bishop, Thomas
Wheatsheaf and Anchor Inn (commercial), St Aldate’s Street: Crozier, William
White Hart Inn (commercial), Cornmarket Street: Manning, William

Inns and Public Houses

Abingdon Arms, Market Street: Barnes, Charlotte
Abingdon House, 37 St Aldate Street: Carter, Richard
Anchor, Hayfield Hut: Harris, Anthony
Anchor, Cornmarket Street: Morley, Thomas
Anchor, New Road: Orpwood, Mary A.
Ancient Druid, George Street: Skelding, George
Angel Tap, Angel Yard, High Street: Randle, Charles

Balloon, 23 Queen Street: Rawbone, J.
Bear, Alfred Street: Dolley, James
Bell, 18 Cornmarket Street: Prior, James
Bell and Crown, Magdalen Street: Rackstrow, William
Bird in Hand, 5 Bear Lane: West, Charles John
Black Drummer, St Ebbe’s Street: Maltby, Edward
Black Horse, St Clement Street: Coppock, George
Black Lion, Grove Street [Magpie Lane]: Slatter, James
Black Swan, 22 George Street: Newman, Edward
Blucher’s Head, Castle Street: Linzey, Thomas
Blue Pig, Red-lion Square: Magee, Owen
Boar’s Head, Queen’s Lane: Jeffcoat, J.
Boat House Tavern, Folly Bridge: Sherratt, Mary
Britannia, Church Street: Maley, Sophia
Bull, Bull Street: Andrews, Benjamin

Cape of Good Hope, St Clement’s Plain: Rawbone, Thomas
Champion, 17 George Street: Nevil, Elizabeth
Chequers, St Thomas Street: Bossom, W.
Chequers, High Street: Stroud, George
City Arms, Radcliffe Square: Smith, J.
Clarendon Arms, Walton Place: Pharaoh, John
Coach and Horses, 44 Holywell Street: Creed, James
Coach and Horses, King Street [Merton Street]: Teall, Jane
Coach and Horses, St Giles’ Road: Whitefoot, Ann
Coach and Horses, St Clement’s Street: Wyatt, John
Cross Keys, 36 Queen Street: Handy, Samuel
Crown and Thistle, Market Street: Goundrey, John
Dog and Partridge, 35 Broad Street: Ryman, John
Dolphin and Anchor, 43 St Aldate’s Street: Dolley, Thomas

Eight Bells, Church Street: Williams, Charles

Flying Horse, 73 High Street: Popple, Matthias
Fox, 137 High Street: Jelfs, John
Friar, Friar Street: Stanton, Elizabeth

George and Dragon, 36 George Street: Marsh, Thomas
George and Dragon, 2 Merton Street: Way, William
Grapes, 4 George Street: Betsworth, Mary
Green Dragon, 9 St Aldate Street: Andrews, John
Greyhound, Worcester Street: Callis, John Joseph

Half Moon, St Clement’s Street: Milsham, Sarah
Hare and Hounds, 66 St Giles Street: Archer, Hannah Maria
Hind’s Head, 26 Queen Street: Washer, Oliver
Holly Bush, Park End Street: Lipscomb, Christopher
Hope and Anchor, 2 George Street: Boswell, Henry
Horse and Chair, 29 Pembroke Street: Bevan, Thomas
Horse and Groom, St Ebbe’s Street: Slatter, James
Horse and Jockey, 91 Holywell Street: Fowler, Robert

Jericho House, Jericho: Higgins, Joseph

Jolly Farmers, Paradise Street: Maltby, James Arthur
Jolly Farmers (original), 1 Cornmarket Street: Sutton, Edward
Jolly Post Boys, 140 High Street: Gallaway, John

King’s Head, 17 Holywell Street: Simms, James
King’s Head & Three Cups Tap, 43 Queen Street: Ford, Thomas

Lamb and Flag, St Thomas Street: Allen, William
Lamb and Flag, St Giles Street: Gurden, Richard
Leden Porch Hall, 41 Pembroke Street: Clarke, John
Light Horseman, 52 High Street: Dee, James
Little Cross, 9 Cornmarket Street: Matthews, William

Marquis of Granby, 36 Cornmarket Street: Brightwell, John

Nag’s Head, Hythe Bridge: Cox, Edward Thomas
Nag’s Head, King Street: Thornton, Elizabeth
Navigation End, New Road: Pacey, James
Nelson, 22 St Aldate’s Street: Seary, Elizabeth
New Inn, St Aldate Street: Eden, James
North Star, 3 Broad Street: Gittins, Isabella

Old Swan & Castle, 48 Castle Street: Astley, William

Packet, George Street: Luker, Ann
Paviers Arms
, Castle Street: Buckland, John
Pheasant, St Giles Street: Neave, Matthew
Plasterers Arms, St Clements: Petty, Ann
Plough, 38 Cornmarket Street: Pickett, John
Plough and Anchor, Jericho: Taylor, Mary
Plume of Feathers, 38 George Street: Gibbons, William
Port Mahon, St Clement’s Street: Burnhill, Catherine
Prince Albert, Queen Street: Watts, Matthew Henry

Red Lion, Pembroke Street: Clark, Henry
Red Lion, Red Lion Square: Collis, Charles
Red Lion, 139 High Street: Harrison, Fanny
Rising Sun, Church Street: Lee, Elizabeth
Robin Hood, Hythe Bridge Street: Bossom, William
Robin Hood, Holywell: Davis, Thomas
Roebuck Tap, Market Street: Paget, William
Royal Oak, St Giles Road: Howse, William
Running Horses, Hythe Bridge: Howkins, William

Saddler’s Arms, Turl Street: Wallis, Hannah
Sherborne Arms, 1 Castle Street: Bailey, William
Ship, Ship Street: Weller, Elizabeth
Shoulder of Mutton, St Thomas Street: Wyatt, Lawrence
Star, Park Place: Dodson, Thomas
Star and Garter, 20 Cornmarket Street: Nickols, William
Star Hotel Tap, Cornmarket Street: Purbrick, Henry

Turks Head, St Thomas Street: Hutt, William
Three Horse Shoes, 46 Castle Street, Davis, John
Three Tuns, St Ebbe’s Street: Hemmings, Joseph
Two Brewers
, 34 St Aldate Street: Salter, George

University Arms, Red Lion Square: Blencowe, John

Vine Inn, 133 High Street: Hunt, Thomas

Waggon and Horses, 16 St Giles Road: Andrews, Thomas
Wellington, Cornmarket Street: Roberts, Mary Ann
Westminster Hall, St Aldate’s Street: Wyllie, John Watts
Wheatsheaf, High Street: Wright, Thomas
Wheatsheaf (old), St Aldate Street: Randall, Harriet
White Horse, 52 Broad Street: King, James
White Horse, St Thomas Street: Pearcy, William
White Swan, Paradise Street: Timms, William
Windmill, St Giles Street: Hutt, Henry
Windsor Castle, St Thomas Street: Wakelin, Bailey
Woodstock Arms, Magdalen Street: Parr, George