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Timothy Bourne (1652–1732)

Mayor of Oxford 1696/7 and 1707/8

Timothy Bourne (or Boarne or Bourn) was the son of William Bourne, a gentleman of Wendlebury.

Timothy Bourne became an Oxford saddler, and New College leases show that he lived at the south corner of Sewy’s (now Shoe) Lane.

In 1675 Timothy Bourne married Martha Wilcox, the daughter of John Wilcox of Oxford, and they had four daughters:

  • Martha Bourne (baptised on 27 August 1676 at St Martin’s Church)
  • Elizabeth Bourne (baptised on 13 January 1677/8 at St Martin’s Church)
  • Mary Bourne (baptised on 12 April 1685 at St Martin’s Church)
  • Katherine Bourne (baptised on 20 September 1696 at St Martin’s Church, and recorded as having been born the previous day)
  • According to the inscription on his tomb, Timothy and Martha Bourne also had a son, and two more daughters.

Bourne was appointed Constable for the North West ward in September 1680 and came on to the Common Council on 1 October 1683. The Mayor, William Walker, asked if Bourne could have a Bailiff’s place; this was agreed, and Bourne was able to take his place immediately, having already served as head Constable.

He was elected Senior Bailiff in 1692.

On 11 February 1696 Timothy Bourne was elected to a vacant place as one of the Mayor’s eight assistants, and the following September he was elected Mayor of Oxford (for 1696/7), appointing Richard Hedges as his Child.

In 1696 Bourne paid tax on nine windows on his home in Shoe Lane in St Martin’s parish and on 20 windows in St Aldate’s.

In 1701 Bourne was appointed barge commissioner, and in September 1707 he was elected Mayor a second time, appointing John Fulks, a tailor, as his Child.

In 1720 he was appointed a Justice of Peace for the City.

by 1732 Timothy and Martha Bourne were living at Rewley in St Thomas’s parish.

† Timothy Bourne died on 2 December 1732 at the age of 80, after serving nearly 50 years on the council, and was buried at St Thomas’s Church on 5 December 1732.

His widow Martha Bourne died on 20 January 1736/7 at the age 84 and was buried with him two days later.

Their grave in St Thomas's churchyard (to the right of the entrance porch) has a crest, and the following inscription:

Timothy Bourne of Rewley in this Parish, Gent, son of W. Bourne of Wendlebury in this county, Gent,
who married Martha, the Daughter of Mr. John Wilcox of this City, with whom he lived 57 years,
by whom he had issue one son and six daughters. He was twice Mayor, and in the Commission
of the Peace for many years, died Dec 2, 1732, aged 80: Martha his wife — Jan 20, 1736, aged 84.

See also:

  • MS. Wills Oxon W. 210.149; 117/3/22

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