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John Rogers (d. c.1508)

Mayor of Oxford 1498/9 and 1500/1

John Rogers (or Roger) was an Oxford brewer (pandexator) who sold ale to the University.

In July 1496 Joan Adams, widow, granted him two acres of land behind Osney, next to a meadow he already held; and an undated draft shows a messuage in St Michael South in Slaying Lane transferred to him by Nicolas Croke.

Rogers was one of the two “custodes ciste communis” in 1474, and was elected Senior Bailiff in 1477.

John Rogers was an Alderman by the time he was first elected Mayor in 1498 (for 1498/9).

He was elected Mayor a second time in 1500 (for 1500/1).

In October 1500 his wife and three other people had the banishment of Cristina Smyth, an alebearer’s wife of St Peter-le-Bailey, prorogued to Michaelmas in the Chancellor’s Court.

In 1501 Rogers was one of group of five people who violently opposed the introduction of the eighteen-day brewing rota desired by the poorer brewers.

Many debts to Rogers were settled in the Chancellor’s Court, including one from the Maniciple of White Hall. In 1502 Rogers’ wife Joan represented him in the Chancellor’s Court and appointed his proxies, and it is recorded that either Alderman John Rogers or his wife would swear that Henry Multon’s widow owed for 15 quarters of beer received since her husband’s death.

In 1503 Rogers himself acted as an Arbitrator in the Chancellor’s Court.

† Alderman John Rogers died in about 1508, as his will was proved in early 1509. He asked that he should be buried at St Michael-at-the-Northgate Church, near his two deceased wives (both of whom were called Alison).

He made bequests in his will to his son John Rogers, and mentions a wife who is still alive.

His third wife Joan Rogers died in about 1512, as her will was proved in October that year.

See also:

  • PCC Will PROB 11/16/260 (Will of John Rogers, Alderman of Oxford, proved 25 January 1509)
  • PCC Will PROB 11/17/264 (Will of Joan Rogers, Widow of Oxford, proved 20 October 1512),
    “late the Wyf of John Rogers Alderman of Oxforde”

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