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John Broke (fl. 1510)

Mayor of Oxford 1512/13 and 1513/14

John Broke (or Brook/Brooke) was an Oxford brewer and a privileged tradesman of the University.

By 23 December 1502 Broke had been elected Bailiff.

He appears a number of times in the records of the Chancellor’s Court. On 10 January 1504, at his and Thomas Wayte’s request, Pate, the manciple of Exeter College, is suspended for his contumacy in failing to appear. Disputes are twice submitted to his arbitration.

Broke first became Mayor on 29 September 1512 (for 1512/13), and continued as Mayor of Oxford for the following year until the end of September 1514.

By 1516 Broke was a Justice of the Peace, and by 1518 an Alderman.

† Alderman John Broke died after 1518.






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