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William Offord (d. 1432)

Mayor of Oxford 1424/5 and 1426/7

William Offord was elected Senior Bailiff in 1404 and again in 1410. He was chosen as one of the four Alderman in 1407, 1419, 1421, 1423, 1427, and 1428.

Offord was elected Member of Parliament for Oxford on 2 December 1420, 1 December 1421, and 18 February 1425/6.

On 10 July 1422 Offord acquired two cottages in New Inn Hall Street from the executors of the late John Otteworth.

William Offord was elected Mayor of Oxford for 1424/5 and 1426/7.

† William Offord died in 1432 or 1433.

By his will of 1 July 1432, Offord left his two cottages in St Peter-le-Bailey parish to the commonalty. Anthony Wood wrote:

William Offord, a burgess of Oxon, who died 1432, other revenews also for chapleines, to celebrate for him and his three wives Alice Elizabeth and Margery all here interred by him.

Among severall gifts that he gave towards pious uses was 6s 4d per annum to the city issuing out of his two cottages in this parish; wherof 5s 4d was to be distributed to those 63 burgesses who were to come to St. Marie’s to offer on St. Scholastick’s day, and the other shilling to the chapleine that read service at that time to them.


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