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John Edgecombe (fl. 1490)

Mayor of Oxford 1484/5, 1485/6, 1491/2, and 1497/8

John Edgecombe (or Eggecomb/Eggecombe/Edgecumbe/Hegecombe) lived in St Aldate’s parish. He was first elected on to the council in 1469.

Edgecombe was elected Mayor of Oxford for 1484/5 and 1485/6. He was therefore Mayor at the time of the coronation of Henry VII on 30 October 1485, but records do not state whether he performed the traditional role of the Mayor of Oxford of acting as butler at the Coronation banquet.

In 1486 it appears that Edgecombe was the owner of Hinxey Hall, as the Prioress of Littlemore settled on him a quit rent of half a mark due to her from that hall.

Edgecombe was elected one of the four Aldermen in 1490 and 1503.

Edgecombe was elected Mayor a third and fourth time for 1491/2 and 1497/8.

On 26 September 1498 W. Tulle acknowledges a debt to “ald. John Eggecomb” in the Chancellor’s Court. Edgecombe was a common lawyer, and appears many times in the records of that court, described as “Magister Eggecomb”.

On 7 December 1501 Dom William Chedull, prior of St Frideswide, gave surety that mag. Philip Agard, D.Can.L. and his servants would keep the King’s peace towards Jane, the wife of ald. John Eggecomb, and her servants, with a penalty of £40.

Similarly on 14 March 1505 a Mr Camby, scholar of Broadgates, swore to keep the peace towards Edgecombe’s wife, described here as Joan rather than Jane.

† John Edgecombe died after 1505.

In September 1581, the council gave “prayse to Almyghtie God for certen benefactors of this Cytie nowe departed owt of this lyffe”, including “John Edgecombe, gent, who gave to thuse of this Cytie one annytie of vs iiiid for ever”.

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