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John Dobbs (fl. 1470)

Mayor of Oxford 1469/70

John Dobbs (or Dobbes/Dobbis/Dobbus/Dobbys) was a Chamberlain on the Council by December 1452, and in 1453 was elected Senior Bailiff.

Dobbs was elected one of the four Aldermen in 1459, 1462, 1463, 1465, 1468, 1476, and 1478.

Dobbs was elected Mayor of Oxford for 1469/70. A certificate of Dobbs having taken the Mayor’s oath at the Exchequer on 30 September that year survives, in which he is described as “John Dobbus senior”, indicating that he had a son of the same name.

† John Dobbs died at some point between 1470 and 1488, and was buried in the chantry of St Martin's Church.

Dobbs’ widow Alice Dobbs left Knap Hall to John Barbour on her death in 1488, and gave £20 to St Martin’s Church to buy “a sute of vestments for the priest” and also made provision for keeping the day of her death. Anthony Wood says that she was buried in the tailors’ chantry of St Martin’s Church next to her husband.







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