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Sir William Brampton (d. 1443)

Mayor of Oxford 1420/1, 1421/2, 1422/3, 1425/6,
1430/1, 1431/2, 1436/7, and 1439/40

William Brampton (or Brompton) originated from Burford. He was listed as a collector of taxes in Oxford in 1400/1.

Brampton owned Gloucester Hall from 1403 to 1406. In 1403 Thomas Forsthill, a burgess of Oxford, granted and confirmed to Brampton “all his tenement called of old Gloucestre Hall, situated in the parish of S. Aldate in the lane commonly called Kepeharme Lane”; and in 1406 Brampton conveyed it in turn to John Hicks.

Brampton was elected Junior Bailiff in 1404. In 1406 a presentment was made against Brompton for laying timber and stocks of trees in a lane leading to the Castle to the hindrance of passengers.

In 1415, 1419, 1423, 1424, 1427, 1428, 1432, and probably again in 1435, Brampton was elected one of the four Alderman.

William Brampton was also elected Member of Parliament for Oxford on 16 March 1415/16, 16 October 1419, 2 May 1421, and 30 April 1425.

By 1420, Brampton had been knighted.

Sir William Brampton served as Mayor of Oxford for the first time in 1420/1, and was elected again for the two following years (1421/2 and 1422/4). He served again in 1422/3 and 1425/6.

He served again four times in the 1430s (1430/1, 1431/2, 1436/7, and 1439/40), making eight terms in all.

In 1430 Brampton owned a tenement on the site of 4 Castle Street.

By 1443 he had returned to his native Burford.

† Sir William Brampton died in 1443.

.He left property to the City of Oxford to help pay the annual fee-farm to the King.

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  • City Archives: Certificate of 1 October 1425 of William Brampton having duly taken the Mayor’s Oath, dated from Westminster with J. Juyn[?] for witness.
  • VCH references: Reg. Chichele, ii (Cant. & York Soc.) 606–8; R. H. Gretton, Burford Rec. 334, 360, 665

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