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Robert Atwood (d. 1461)

Mayor of Oxford 1453/4, 1454/5, 1455/6, 1456/7, 1457/8, and 1458/9

Robert Atwood (or Atuode / At Wode / Atte Wode / Attewode / Attwode / à Wode appears to have lived in All Saints parish in Oxford. On 2 February 1431 he was granted a lease of land in St Thomas’s parish for 99 years by the Abbot and Convent of Rewley, namely:

Totum illud fundum sive terram cum gardino adiacente & suis pertinenciis in parochia sancti Thome martiris in Oxonia situatum a tenemento Willelmi Skynner ex parte occidentali usque ad fossatum currens ex parte orientali cum piscacione eiusdem inter dictum fundum sive terram & tenementum abbatis & conventus de Osneya in quo Radulfus Haukyns nuper inhabitavit, continens in latitudine per altam viam centum et quinque pedes assise.

Atwood was appointed Junior Bailiff in 1441. He was one of the four Aldermen in 1452 and 1459, and was elected Mayor in six consecutive years: 1453/4, 1454/5, 1455/6, 1456/7, 1457/8, and 1458/9.

It seems likely that he was the Robert atte Wood elected Member of Parliament for Oxford in 1453 and again in 1460.

† Robert Atwood died in 1461 and was buried beside his father in the chapel of Osney Abbey.

He left the oversight of his shop to his “man”, Edward Woodward (presumably the man who later also became Mayor). The lease of his land in St Thomas’s parish was transferred to his son and heir Thomas Atwood (whose wife was named Elena).

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