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Henry of Studley (d. 1346)

Mayor of Oxford 1337/8 and 1344/5

Henry of Studley (or de Stodley/Stodeley/Stodleigh/Stodlé/Stodle) is probably the man of that name mentioned along with his wife Alice in a writ of 1324.

Studley was elected Junior Bailiff in 1329 and Senior Bailiff in 1330 and again in 1332.

Studley was elected Member of Parliament for Oxford four times: on 26 November 1330, 15 March 1331/2,
11 March 1335/6, and 13 October 1339.

Studley was first elected Mayor of Oxford for 1337/8, and was elected again for 1344/5.

† Henry of Studley died on 28 September 1346, apparently by accidentally falling on his knife when drunk when at home in St Peter-le-Bailey parish. The following inquest report was transcribed by H. E. Salter:

Henry de Stodley: Thursday, Sept. 28, 1346
It came to pass on Thursday before the feast of St. Michael that Will. Russel, sawier, first found Henry de Stodeleghe dead in his house in the parish of St. Peter-le-Bailey. The coroners viewed him there, and held an inquest by the four nearer parishes, viz., St. Peter-in-the-Bailey, St. Martin, St. Ebbe, and St. Aldate, by the oath of John de Falle, Walter le Deghere, Ric. le Cok, Gilbert de Shipton, John Mymecan, Will. le White, Thos. de Leghe, Phil. de Bathe, Thos. de Gonewardby, John de Bampton, Edward le Goldsmyth, and Will. de Cloudesdale; who say that on Wednesday Henry de Stodleghe was sitting in his hall after dinner with a naked knife in his hand, and he began to go to his chamber, and when he entered his chamber he stumbled, for he was drunk, and fell on his knife by misfortune, and the knife entrered his neck and cut his throat, whereof he died. And they say that he had no memory, but was as it were mad. And they priced the knife at fourpence. Pledges of the finder, John de Bathe and Will de Cloudesdale.

Salter goes on to say that his daughter, who seems to have been his heir, died in 1349, leaving her house in St Peter-le-Bailey parish to Margaret Pirye.

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