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Andrew de Pyrie (fl. 1300)

Mayor of Oxford 1297/8

Andrew de Pyrie (or Pery / Perry / Pirie / Pirry / Pirye / Purie / Purye / Pyrye) came from the family that owned the Inn called Pyry or Pery Hall on Cornmarket, about which Anthony Wood writes:

There was here besides in this lane [Market Street] two more halls called Nun Hall and Pery Hall. As for the first I find noe great matter of it, only in a rentall sans date it yeilded 13s. 4d.  The other, in St Mildred’s parish, belonging with the former to Stodley Nunnery, was soe called from a family that were owners of it, and bore the cheif place of magistratship of this ciy in the raigne of [Edward I]. It was given to the said nunnery by one Henry Danne or de Anna about the year 1260, and valued to be worth per annum (7 Edward I [1279]) 28s. He, it seems, was rector of S. Mildred’s Church and gave the his lands that he had in Oxon, lying chiefly in his owne parish and S Peter’s in the East.

In the pleas of the Crown before the Justices in Eyre on 14 January 1285, Andrew de Pyrie was one of the named cloth dealers who had broken the assize of cloth by not supplying the pannus at the legal length, breadth, and weight, and was given a fine or amercement (misericordia):

De pannis dicunt, quod … Andreas de Pirye … vendiderunt pannos contra assisam: ideo in misericordia.

At the same session, the Justices in Eyre appointed Pyrie one of the Oxford Coroners.

Pyrie was elected Bailiff in 1288 and 1296, and Mayor of Oxford for 1297/8.

Pyrie was elected Member of Parliament for Oxford twelve times: November 1295, March 1299/1300, January 1300/1 (at Lincoln), September 1302 (at London), February 1304/5, May 1306, January 1306/7, October 1307, April 1309, August (prorogued to November) 1311, March 1322/13, and September 1313.

† Andrew de Pyrie died after 1313.

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