Oxford Inscriptions: Roger Bacon, Westgate Centre

Roger Bacon

Philosophus insignis, Doctor Mirabilis
Qui methodo experimentali
Scientiae finas mirifice protulit
Post vitam longam, strenuam, indefessam
Prope hunc locum
Inter Franciscanos suos
In Christo obdormivit


The Great Philosopher
Known as the Wonderful Doctor
Who by the Experimental Method
Extended marvellously the realm of science
After a long life of untiring activity
Near this place
In the home of his Franciscan brethren
Fell asleep in Christ
A.D. 1292

The above plaque to Roger Bacon, with an inscription in Latin followed by an English translation, was originally on the outside wall of the Westgate Centre, on the north side of Old Greyfriars Street.

It has been moved to the new Westgate Centre which opened on 24 October 2017. It is near the newly formed Old Greyfriars Place, which faces Turn Again Lane, and can be seen on the right in the photograph below.

Bacon in context

Roger Bacon Lane


A nearby lane is also named after Bacon (see sign, right)

Roger Bacon

Left: statue of Roger Bacon in the Oxford University Museum of Natural Science, carrying an armillary sphere.

David Batchelor's sculpture of this sphere, called “Homage to Doctor Mirabilis”, can be seen in the Westgate Centre (below).

Bacon sphere



Roger Bacon

Stephanie Jenkins