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Walton Street Methodist Chapel: Frederick MARTIN (1878–1917)

Frederick Martin was born in Eynsham, Oxfordshire in 1878, the son of Henry Martin and Sarah Bryant, who were both born in Eynsham in 1852 and 1853 respectively.

His parents were married Eynsham on 4 October 1875: his father was a labourer who signed his name with a cross, but his mother, who was a servant, could write. They had the following children:

  • Sarah Elizabeth Martin (born in Eynsham in 1876, reg. fourth quarter)
  • Frederick Martin (born in Eynsham in 1878, reg. second quarter)
  • George Martin (born in Cumnor, Berkshire in 1880, reg. third quarter)
  • Daisey Rosina Martin (born in Botley, Berkshire in 1882/3)
  • Ernest Harry Martin (born in Botley Meadows, Berkshire in 1884/5 and baptised at an unspecified Primitive Methodist Church on 22 June 1885); died
  • Emily Martin (born in Botley, Berkshire on 26 October 1886 and baptised at an unspecified Primitive Methodist Chapel over two years later on 10 January 1889)
  • Maud Mary Martin (born in Botley, Berkshire on 24 March 1889 and baptised at an unspecified primitive Methodist Church on 15 May)
  • Nellie Beatrice Martin (born in Botley, Berkshire on 8 October 1891 and baptised at an unspecified Primitive Methodist Church on 13 January 1892)
  • Ernest Harry Martin (born in Botley, Berkshire on 24 July 1894 and baptised at New Inn Hall Street Methodist Church on 9 April 1913 at the age of 18)
  • Frederick John Martin (born in Botley, Berkshire in 1896, reg. third quarter)
  • May Martin (born in Botley in 1898/9; probably the Violet May Martin reg. fourth quarter of 1898).

At the beginning of their married life Frederick's parents lived in their home village of Eynsham, and Frederick was also born there. But by 1880 they had moved to Cumnor, and at the time of the 1881 census Frederick (2) was living at Botley Pound in Cumnor with his father Henry (38), who was an agricultural labourer, his mother Sarah (27), and his siblings Sarah (4) and George (seven months), and his grandfather George Martin (59), who was also an agricultural labourer.

By the beginning of 1883 they had moved to Botley, which was then in Berkshire and a hamlet of North Hinksey.

The 1891 census shows Frederick (13) living at Cottage No. 15 at North Hinksey with his father Henry (50), an agricultural labourer, his mother Sarah (37), and his siblings Sarah (16), George (10), Daisy (8), Emily (4), and Maud (2), plus his widower grandfather James Martin, who was still working as an agricultural labourer at the age of 70.

♥ On 6 August 1900 at St Andrew's Church in Headington, Frederick Martin (22), described as a saddler of North Hinksey, married his first wife Amelia Beatrice Morris (22), the daughter of the late Thomas Morris of Headington, and they went to live at 31 London Place, St Clement's. Less than four months later she was dead, and she was buried in Holy Trinity churchyard in Headington Quarry on 5 December 1900.

At the time of the 1901 census Frederick, a widower of 22, working as a saddler and living in North Hinksey village with his father Henry (44), who was now a farm bailiff, his mother Sarah (46), and his siblings Emily (14), Maud (12), Nellie (9), Ernest (6), and May (2).

By 1904 Frederick was living with his parents at 18 Somerfield, Lake Street.

♥ On 26 September 1904 at Cowley St John Church, Frederick Martin (25), described as a saddler of South Hinksey, married his second wife May Alice Clarke (20), who was born in Southwark on 16 May 1884 and was living at 134 Howard Street, the daughter of the carpenter Isaac Clarke. They had three children:

  • Rosina Bessie Martin (born at 39 East Avenue, Oxford on 4 March 1905 and baptised at St Clement's Methodist Chapel on 5 April)
  • Frederick George Martin (born at Victor Street, Jericho on 30 December 1906 but not baptised at Walton Street Methodist Chapel until 14 December 1913, at the same time as his younger sister)
  • Phyllis May Martin (born at Victor Street, Jericho on 13 November 1913 and baptised at Walton Street Methodist Chapel on 14 December 1913).

Frederick and May began their married life at 39 East Avenue. By the time of the 1911 census they had moved to 161 Marlborough Road in south Oxford, and Frederick (32), still working as a saddler, lived there with his children Rosie (6), Freddy (4), and Nora (seven weeks), and his sister Emily Martin (24) was living with them. His wife May is hard to find. They were back at Victor Street in 1913 when their youngest daughter was born. Meanwhile Frederick's parents continued to live in Lake Street.

Poppy Frederick Martin volunteered for the First World War and enlisted at Bulford Camp in Wiltshire. He served as a Corporal Saddler in “D” Battery, 86th Brigade of the Royal Field Artillery (Service No. 90291), landing in France on 17 July 1915.

He died of sickness at St Luke's War Hospital, Halifax, Yorkshire at the age of 38 on 26 August 1916. He was buried in Botley Cemetery, and was remembered on the war memorial plaque erected in the Walton Street Methodist Chapel.

Oddly, his parents rather than his widow May were listed as his next of kin by the army.

After the war

Frederick Martin's widow

  • On 5 October 1921 at St Barnabas' Church in Oxford, Frederick Martin's widow May Alice Martin, née Clarke (37) of 4 Victor Street, Jericho married her second husband, the widower James Alexander Whipp (38), who was a paper hanger living at 65 Cardigan Street. They had one son, Alec James Whipp, who was born at the end of 1922, but he died at the age of 16 in 1929 and was buried at Rose Hill Cemetery. May Alice Whipp, formerly Mrs Martin, née Clarke died at Sobell House, Oxford in 1978.

Frederick Martin's children

  • Rosina Bessie Martin (born 1905) married Reginald J. Fawdrey in Oxford in 1923, and they had one son, Victor J. Fawdrey, born in Oxford in 1923. Reginald died in the Headington district at the age of 25 near the beginning of 1929, and Rosina married her second husband, Albert G. Hall, in the Headington district near the beginning of 1932, and the Ruth A. Hall was born in Oxford in 1933/4 is probably their daughter. Rosina Hall, formerly Mrs Fawdrey, née Martin died in Oxford at the age of 81 in 1986.
  • Frederick George Martin (born 1906) died in Oxford in 1973.
  • Phyllis May Martin (born 1913) gave birth to a son, David Martin, in Maidstone, Kent on 9 August 1934, and in 1935 in the Ploughley registration district of Oxfordshire married the widower Edwin Alexander Thomas Woodley. Edwin Woodley died in Oxford on 27 February 1956, and Phyllis married her second husband Thomas E. S. Ledger in Plymouth near the beginning of 1962. Phyllis May Ledger, formerly Mrs Woodley, née Martin died in Oxford on 23 June 1990.

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