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Walton Street Methodist Chapel: Lewis Charles BROWNJOHN (1884–1916)

Lewis Charles Brownjohn was born at Juxon Street, Oxford in 1884, the son of the compositor John Brownjohn (born in Frome, Somerset in 1847) and Annie Kerry (born in Oxford in 1851). His parents were married in Oxford in 1875 and had the following children:

  • John Arthur Brownjohn (born in Oxford in 1876, reg. fourth quarter)
  • Winifred Annie Brownjohn (born in Oxford in 1877/8)
  • Ernest Henry Brownjohn (born in Oxford in 1879/80 and baptised at Paradise Square Wesleyan Chapel)
  • Edith Caroline Brownjohn (born in Oxford in 1881/2 Headington district)
  • Lewis Charles Brownjohn (born at Juxon Street, Oxford in 1884 and baptised at Paradise Square Wesleyan Chapel)
  • Oliver Enoch Brownjohn (born at Hayfield Road in 1890 and baptised at Paradise Square Wesleyan Chapel on 24 August)
  • James Kerry Brownjohn (born in Oxford on 3 August 1897 and baptised at Paradise Square Wesleyan Chapel on 15 September); died aged two

At the time of the 1881 census Lewis's parents were living at 79 Kingston Road with their first three children John (4), Winifred (3), and Ernest (1). His father was a compositor, almost certainly at Oxford University Press.

When Lewis was born near the end of 1884, they were living at Juxon Street in Jericho, according to the records of Paradise Square Wesleyan Chapel.

By the time of the 1891 census they had moved to 58 Hayfield Road. Lewis (6) was living there with his father John (43), his mother Annie (39), and his siblings John (14), Winifred (13), Ernest (11), Edith (9), and Oliver (eight months).

By the time that Lewis's youngest brother James was baptised in September 1897 they were living at 28 Norreys Avenue (in south Oxford, which then came under Berkshire), and they were still there in 1899.

Lewis's youngest brother James died at the age of two in the spring of 1901.

By the time of the 1901 census the family had moved again to 6 Worcester Place. Lewis (16) was now a pupil teacher, living there with his parents and four of his siblings: Winifred (23) and Edith (19), who were dressmakers; Ernest (21), who was a bootmaker; and Oliver (10). His eldest brother John (24) is hard to find.

In 1911 Lewis (26) was an assistant teacher in Manchester, boarding at 2 Lansdowne Road, Crumpsall. His parents had moved to 41 Plantation Road with three of their children (Winifred, Ernest, and Oliver), and his father John (60) described himself as a retired classical compositor. Three of their five surviving children were still with them: Winifred (33) and Ernest (31) both worked from home, as a dressmaker and bootmaker respectively, while Oliver (20) was a clerk to a removals firm. The family was still at this address in 1915.

Lewis's brother Oliver Brownjohn and his wife Ethel, who were living at Bicester, had two children baptised at Walton Street Methodist Chapel on 31 October 1915: Clifford Alan Brownjohn (born 18 May 1913) and Stella May Brownjohn (born 31 August 1915).

By 1916 Lewis was a teacher at St Luke's National School in Manchester, while his parents still lived at 41 Plantation Road.

Poppy In the First World War Lewis Charles Brownjohn was a Serjeant in the 17th Battalion of the Manchester Regiment (Service No. 9045). He was killed in action in France at the age of 31 on 30 July 1916.

He has no known grave, and was remembered on the Thiepval Memorial (Pier and Face 13A and 14C: photograph) and on the brass plaque in Walton Street Methodist Chapel.

After the war

His mother Annie Brownjohn died in Oxford near the beginning of 1918, and his father John Brownjohn near the end of 1929.

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