First World War Memorial, St Margaret’s Church, Oxford

St Margaret's war memorial

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The First World War Memorial of St Margaret’s Church stands on the corner of Kingston Road and St Margaret’s Road in north Oxford. .It was patterned on the many shrines encountered by British troops in Flanders during the First World War, some of which were the only thing left standing amongst the ruins of war. The cast-iron figure of Jesus was made by Lucy’s Foundry in Jericho. It is a Grade II listed stucture (List Entry No. 1392249)

The limestone base has two bronze panels with the names of the 47 men of St Margaret’s parish who died in the First World War. Of these men, 26 are buried in Belgium, England, France, Iraq, and Israel, but the other 21 have no known grave.

List of the St Margaret’s war dead
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Analysis of the St Margaret’s war dead
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Poppy Novel by Liz Wade, At the Going Down of the Sun, imagining the lives of three of these men Poppy
Poppy Factual book about the men: 47 Men of North Oxford Poppy
Both available at Blackwell's, or the Town Hall shop, or from Graffiti Press at 28 Polstead Road 

The memorial was on the verge of collapse in 2010, but following a successful appeal. restoration work started
on 1 August 2011 and the restored memorial was rededicated on Friday 11 November 2011: Photographs

This memorial on the Database of the Imperial War Museums: St Margaret’s Church – WW1
It is a Grade II listed structure: List Entry No. 1392249
War Memorials online entry