Oxford post boxes: Elizabeth II (1952–present)

Pillar box in Rectory Road, Oxford
Modern-style pillar box
in Rectory Road [CE]

Box on a stick, London Road
Box on a stick outside 295 London
Road, Headington [CC]

Double pillar box in Cowley Road
Double pillar box outside
127 Cowley Road [ME]

Keble Road
Older style Elizabethan pillar
box in Keble Road [CC]

Wallbox in Magdalen Road
Wall box at junction of Iffley
and Magdalen Roads [CC]

Divinity Road
Square modern-style pillar box at
top of Divinity Road* [CF] (see below)

Tackley Place
Newer-style rounded box on a stick
at Tackley Place

Postbox in Tesco's
Indoor postbox at Tesco’s,
Cowley Retail Park

Box on a stick
Short squat box on a stick
at Rutherway

Webbs Close, Wolvercote
Lamp box at Godstow Road,
Wolvercote (near Webbs Close)


Elizabeth II boxes are simply inscribed “ER” .
There are numerous boxes in Oxford dating from this reign,
so just one of each type is shown here.


[CC] Carron Company, Stirlingshire
[CF] Carron Company, Falkirk
[CE] Carronade Engineering, Falkirk
[ME] Machan Engineering, Scotland, and dated 1994



Gold postbox in Divinity Road


Left: The letter box at the top of Divinity Road, Oxford was painted gold on 4 September 2012 in honour of the two gold medals won by the rowers coxed by Lily van den Broecke (born 1992) in the Paralympics held that summer. The plaque (below) also has an inscription in Braille



See Oxford Mail: “Father’s golden glow at medallist’s honour


Lily, who attended Headington School, was appointed MBE in 2013 for services to rowing and paralympic sport.

Stephanie Jenkins, 2013