Oxford Inscriptions: Peace Stone, The Plain roundabout

Peace stone in St Clements


was proclaimed
in the City of
JUNE 27 1814

The Peace Stone is on the Plain roundabout, facing north, surmounted by a lamppost.

Grade II listed:
List Entry No. 104584
Photographed in 2004

This inscription refers to the short-lived peace proclaimed on 27 June 1814 when Napoleon was imprisoned on Elba.

Until 1835 St Clement's parish was outside the city of Oxford, so in 1814 this would have marked the entrance to the city from London. St Clement's Church was until 1826 situated nearby on the site of the present roundabout.

Two peace stones were put up in Oxford to commemorate the event: the other one is at the heart of Oxford in what was the City Church at Carfax.

Peace stone in contextThe peace stone shown in context on the Plain roundabout: photographed in October 2016

See also:

  • Christopher Danzig, “The big junket” in Oxford Today for Trinity Term 2014 which describes how the victorious sovereigns celebrating the imprisonment of Napoleon descended on Oxford on Tuesday 14 June 1814, with King Frederick William and Marshal Blucher receiving honorary degrees in the Sheldonian Theatre
  • Wikipedia: Treaty of Paris (1814)
  • G. V. Cox, Reminiscences of Oxford (London: Macmillan & Co, 1868), pp. 73–76, where he describes the “great event” that took place in Oxford in 1814
Stephanie Jenkins, 2013