Nos. 53–54: Part of Regent’s Park College

53-54 St Giles

Nos. 53 and 54 St Giles are part of Regent’s Park College in Pusey Street. The front dates from about 1600, but the bays are eighteenth century.

The pair of houses is Grade II* listed (List Entry No. 1369439). They lie in St Giles' parish.

There is a passageway to the north of the right-hand house running down into what was Drewett’s Yard

In 1772 a survey of every house in the city was taken in consequence of the Mileways Act of 1771. The occupiers and frontage measurements of the two houses were then:

  • No. 53: Mr Walton (4 yards 0 feet 9 inches)
  • No. 54: Mrs Gingill (4 yards 1 foot 3 inches)

53 & 54 St Giles

The 1851 census shows Francis Berry, a widowed tinplate worker and brazier aged 40, living at No. 53 with his four schoolgirl daughters and a servant. In the next ten years he had married again, had another three daughters, and lost a second wife, and the 1861 census shows him here with six of his daughters.

In 1861 No. 54 was occupied by the butcher William Andrews and his wife and baby daughter.

In about 1866 Francis Berry at No. 53 expanded into the house next door at 54, and since then the premises have been one property. At the time of the 1871 census Berry, still described as a tinplate worker employing one man and one boy at the age of 70, was living here with his three unmarried daughters.

The enlarged accommodation above Nos. 53 & 54 was unoccupied at the time of the 1891 census.

Right This picture shows the joined houses in about 1905, when they were a single shop selling china and ironmongery

Occupants of 53 & 54 St Giles' Street listed in censuses and directories


53 St Giles

54 St Giles

1841, 1846

Francis Berry
Tinman & brazier


Thomas Busby
Landed Proprietor


William H. Andrews, then
Mary Anne Andrews


Francis Berry
Ironmonger & tinplate worker

(With the Misses/Miss Berry, dressmakers and registry office, at No. 54 from 1875)


John Lisemore
Ironmonger/China merchant (to 1909)
(see biography re the grave of his wife Ellen and three of his children)

E. & A. Lisemore
Ironmonger (from 1910)

Ernest Lisemore
China warehouse (from 1922)


Roland Bradley Bennett
Jeweller (photograph of 1949)


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