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Some old Oxford schools of central Oxford

School map 1900

The above map of 1900 shows the schools in the vicinity of George Street/New Inn Hall Street, Oxford. (Note that the present St Michael's Street still bears the name New Inn Hall Street, even though the northern extension of that street to George Street had been cut through as long ago as 1872) The eight schools (underlined in red) are as follows::

  • Top left is St Mary Magdalen Boys' School
  • The two schools whose labels are near the Gloucester Green Mortuary are the Congregational School and the Baptist School: to the south of them is the Congregational Chapel. These two schools were about to be replaced by the new undenominational board school in Gloucester Green
  • On the right just to the north of the New Theatre is St Mary Magdalen School for Girls
  • The large school to the south of George Street and west of New Inn Hall Street is Oxford Boys' High School
  • Two Wesleyan Schools are behind New Inn Hall Street Methodist Church
  • To the south is the Central Girls' School in the old Wesleyan Chapel: this was replaced by the beginning of the year by the new girls's school in New Inn Hall Street (now part of St Peter's College)

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