Gardner’s 1852 Directory: Oxford: Hotels, Inns, &c.

Marked * are Posting Houses, and ** are Commercial Inns

Abingdon Arms, Edward Robinson, Market-street
Abingdon House, Richard Carter, St. Aldate’s-street
Air Balloon, Aaron Young, 23 Queen-street
Anchor, Mary Ann Orpwood, New-road
Anchor, Thomas Morley, Cornmarket-street
Anchor, William Dolley, Heyfield-hut
Ancient Briton, William Buckett, Blackfriars-road
Ancient Druid, George Skelding, George-street
***Angel Hotel [family], Samuel Young Griffith, 84 High-street
Bear, James Dolley, Alfred-street, High-street
Bell, Francis O. Thompson, 18 Cornmarket-street
Bell and Crown, George Scown, 17 Magdalen-street
Bird-in-Hand, Mary West, Bear-street
Black Drummer, Edward Maltby, Littlegate-street
Black Horse, Mary Coppock, St Clements
Black Lion, Charles Maltby, Grove-street
Black Swan, Edward Newman, 22 George-street
Blucher’s Head, Maria Burton, 5 Castle-street
Blue Pig, William Gurden, Cattle Market
Boars Head, John Jeffcoat, Queen’s-lane
Boat House Tavern, Mary Sherratt, Grand-pont
Brittania [sic], Thomas Young, Church-street
Bull, Samuel Biggs, Bull-street
Cape of Good Hope, Thomas Rawbone, St. Clements
Champion, J. Ford, George-street
Chequers, G. Stroud, High-street
Chequers, Charles Stevens, St. Thomas’
City Arms, George Barton, Radcliffe-street
Clarendon Arms, William Cowling, Walton-street
Coach and Horses, James Creed, 44 Holywell-street
Coach and Horses, William Hunt, St. Clements
Coach and Horses, Martha Durham, King-street
Cock Pit, Thomas Davis, Holywell-street
Cross Keys, John Robins, 36 Queen-street
**Crown, William P.W. Hebborn, Cornmarket-street
Crown, Mrs Greatbatch, Ch.-street
Crown and Thistle, Elizabeth Goundry, Market-street
**Dickiesons Hotel and Coffee House, John W. Dickieson, 11 Turl-street
Dog and Partridge, Richard Cozens, Broad-street
Dolphin and Anchor, Thomas Dolley, St. Aldate’s-street
Eight Bells, Charles Williams, Church-street
Flying Horse, Matthias Popple, 73 High-street
Fox, John Jelfs, 137 High-street
Friar, E. Stanton, Friar-street
George and Dragon, John Goode, George-street
George and Dragon, Thomas Chalk, Merton-street
**Golden Cross, William Holland, 5 Cornmarket-street
Grapes, James Hambridge, George-street
Green Dragon, John Andrews, 9 St Aldate’s-street
Greyhound, John Callis, Worcester-street
Half Moon, John Pimm, St. Clements
Hind’s Head, Phillis Masters, 26 Queen-street
Holly Bush Tap, Samuel Handy, Park End-street
Hope and Anchor, Henry Clarke, George-street
Hop Pole, John Shepherd, Friar-street
Horse and Chair, Richard Tew, St. Ebbe’s-street
Horse and Jockey, Robert Fowler, Holywell-street [90]
Jericho House, Joseph Higgins, Jericho
Jolly Farmers, James Arthur Maltby, Paradise-street
Jolly Farmers (Original) , E. Sutton, 1 Cornmarket-street
Jolly Post Boys, James Winfield, 140 High-street
***King’s Arms Hotel (family) , Frederick Stone, Park-Street, and Holywell-street
King’s Arms, Chas. Beesley, Summertown
King’s Head, James King, Holywell-street [17]
King’s Head, Thomas Ford, 43 Queen-street
Lamb and Flag, John Smith, St. Thomas’
**Lamb and Flag, William Bayzand, 12 St. Giles’-street
Leden Porch Hall, Charles Seckham, 41 Pembroke-street
Light Horseman, James Dee, 52 High-street
Light Horseman, Sarah Rose, Castle-street
Little Cross, William Matthews, 9 Cornmarket-street
**Maidenhead, Francis Greenwood, Turl-street
Marquis of Granby, Frederick Lipscomb, 36 Cornmarket-street
***Mitre Inn & Hotel, Arthur Venables, 17 High-street
Nag’s Head, Elizabeth Thornton, King-street
Nag’s Head, John Redman, Fisher-row
Navigation End, John Basson, New-road
Nelson, Elizabeth Seary, 22 St. Aldate’s-street
New Inn, James Eden, St. Aldate’s-street
North Star, John Walter White, 3 Broad-street
Norrey’s Arms, Thomas Andrews, Summertown
Old Swan and Castle, Thomas Ashley, New-road
Old White Horse, George Hambidge, Grand-pont
Packet, Elizabeth Ford, George-st.
Pavier’s Arms, William Marsh, Castle-street
Perch, Charles Lawne, Binsey
Pheasant, Matthew Neave, St. Clement’s
Plasterer’s Arms, Ann Petty, St. Clements
Plough, John Smith, 23 St. Aldate’s-street
Plough, John Picket (and dealer in harness, sadlery, &c.), Cornmarket-street
Plough and Anchor, John Seymour, Clarendon-street
Plume of Feathers, Daniel Gibbons, George-street
Port Mahon, Catherine Burnhill, St. Clements
Prince Albert, Henry Jacob, 17 Queen-street
Red Lion, John Clark, 4 Pembroke-street
Red Lion, Peter Jarvis, Red Lion-square
Rising Sun, George Young, Church-street
Robin Hood, Thomas Davis, Holywell
Robin Hood, William Bossom, Hythe-bridge-street
***Roebuck Hotel (family), Richard Gurden, 8 Cornmarket-street
Roebuck Tap, Robert Hayward, Market-street
Royal Blenheim, Valentine Adams, St. Ebbe’s-street
Royal Oak, John Ryman, St. Giles’-road
Running Horses, William Hawkins, Hythe Bridge wharf
Saddlers Arms, James Kirby, 4 Turl-street
Seven Stars, James Leaver, St. Aldate’s-street
Sherborne Arms, Hannah Bailey, 1 Castle-street
Ship, Elizabeth Weller, Ship-street
Shoulder of Mutton, William Beesley, St Thomas’
***Star Hotel (family), Samuel Young Griffith, Cornmarket-street
Star, Elizabeth Cartwright, St.-Giles-street
Star Hotel Tap, Thomas Beesley, Cornmarket-street
Swan and Castle, Thomas Ashley, Castle-street
Star & Garter, William Nickols, Cornmarket-street
Thorn and Thistle, Elizabeth Goundry, Market-street
**Three Cups Hotel (family), George Bruton, 44 and 45 Queen-street
Three Cups Tap, [no name], 43 Queen-street
**Three Goats, Mrs. Summers, Cornmarket-street
Turf Tavern, Kendrick Hedges, St. Helen’s-passage, New college-street
Turks Head, William Hutt, St. Thomas’
Three Horse Shoes, John Davis, Castle-street
Three Tuns, William Smythe, 12 St. Ebbe’s-street
Two Brewers, George Salter, St. Aldate’s-street
University Arms, George Wells, Friar’s-entry
Vine Tavern, George Baker, High-street
Waggon and Horses, William Spence, St. Giles’-road
Wellington House, Mary Ann Roberts, 61 Cornmarket-street
Westminster Hall, R. Nicholls, St. Aldate’s-street
**Wheat Sheaf & Anchor, Benjamin Hayward, 15 St. Aldate’s-street
Wheatsheaf (Old) , Harriett Randall, St. Aldate’s-street
**White Hart, William Manning, 21 Cornmarket-street
White Horse, James King, 52 Broad-street
White Horse, Lazarus Cox, St. Thomas’
White Swan, William Timms, Paradise-street
Windmill, Henry Hutt, 24 St. Giles’-street
Windsor Castle, Ann Wakelin, St. Thomas’
Woodstock Arms, George Parr, 3 Magdalen-street

Beer retailers
Alder James (and timber merchant), St. Aldate’s-street
Allen William, Friar’s-wharf
Annis George, Commercial-road
Anslom John, Clarendon-buildings
Ash George, Gloucester-green
Ashley, Joseph, St. Clements
Ashley Joseph, Bridge-street
Belcher William, Portland-lane
Best Thomas, 41 St. Ebbe’s-street
Billing Henry, St. Thomas’
Box Edward, 43 George-st.
Brightwell J., Summertown
Brockleby F., 59 Holywell-street
Brook Elizabeth, Blackfriars-road
Brown T, Hythebridge-street
Caple Edward, 49 George-street
Castle Henry, St. Aldate’s-street
Chaundy Richard, 6 George-street
Clarke B., Clarendon-place
Clarke Robert, 7 St. Aldate’s-street
Clark Joseph, Paradise-street
Cooke David, Summertown
Cooke J., Hythebridge-street
Cooke William, Little Clarendon-street
Cox Luke J., 30 George-street
Cox James, St. Thomas;
Culley Joseph, Thames-street
Dell Martha, Observatory-street
Denyer William, 57 Holywell-street
Dickeson John, St. Thomas’
Dickinson E., Blackfriars-road
Dolton George, Speedwell-street
Drewett William, Penson’s gardens
Dyer Maria, Blackfriars-road
Earl John, Bull-street
Evans Joel, Cowley-road
Evans, Thomas, Gloucester-green
Fowler, Robert, 90 Holywell-street
Fox Joshua, Cardigan-street
Gardner, James, Red Lion-square
Gardner William, Plantation-road
Gardiner John, Jericho
Gibbons William, St. Thomas’
Gilder Thomas H., Holywell-street
Giles Richard, North-parade
Godfrey Edward, Speedwell-street
Godfrey Edward, Albert-street
Goodman Frederick, St. Clements
Green John, 68 Holywell-street
Grimmett George, 20 George-street
Guise William, 37 Blackfriars-road
Hadley John, Friar’s-entry
Hall Eliza, Observatory-street
Holt James, Pembroke-street
Howkins J. Hythebridge street
Hounslow & Son, St. Aldate’s-street
Johnson Gabriel, St Clements
Kerwood Thomas, St Giles’-street
Kethro John, Wellington-street
Layland Joseph, New-road
Leaver James, St. Aldate’s-street
Lucas William, Park end-street
Margetts Frederick, Little Clarendon-street
Marygold Richard M., Cardigan-street
Mealings Thomas, Paradise-street
Nicholls John, Summertown
Palmer James, 22 Commercial-road
Powell George Spencer, Summertown
Piercy William, Summertown
Richardson Andrew H., St. Clements
Rose Thomas, 23 Castle-street
Seymour John, Clarendon-street
Sides John, Jericho
Silman Joseph, Summertown
Simmons W., Blackfriars-road
Smith George, St. Aldate’s-street
Smith George, Wellington-street
Standley Henry, New Inn Hall-street
Talbot Richard, St Clements
Tame William St. Clements
Taunt George, 10 Paradise-square
Taylor Edward, St. Aldates-street
Taylor Elizabeth, Beaumont Buildings
Tolley Samuel, St. Clements
Tomkins Edward, Cardigan-street
Varney Catherine, Summertown
Walker Charles, Bridport-street
Walker Thomas, Gas-street
Wallis Robert, Speedwell-street
Ward Benjamin, Blackfriars-road
Wheeler Thomas, Clarendon-street
Whetton Mrs., Friar’s entry
Wiblin Charles, Cardigan-street