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Oxford streets named after Mayors of Oxford

Barton estate

Many new roads on the were named after Oxford Mayors:

The streets of Barton contain many other famous names, including Lords of the Manor of Headington
(Bassett, Wilcote, and Brome) and other local worthies (Mather, John de Handlo)

Rest of Headington
North Oxford and Summertown
  • Davenant Road (John Davenant, Mayor in 1621/2)
  • Roger Dudman Way (Roger Alan Dudman, Lord Mayor 1985/6)
  • Rogers Street (Harold Rogers, Mayor in 1937/8)

In 1955 the City Council agreed to rename George Street in Summertown Twining Street (Francis Twining, Mayor in 1905/6 and a great benefactor to Summertown), but 62 residents of the road signed a petition against this, as they did not want to livevsomewhere named after a grocer's shop, and it was instead named Middle Way.

East Oxford
Blackbird Leys
South Oxford
  • John Towle Close, off Wytham Street (John Towle, Mayor in 1856/7)
  • Gordon Woodward Way (Gordon Woodward, Lord Mayor 1980/1)
West Oxford
  • Gibbs Crescent (Olive Gibbs, Lord Mayor in 1974/5 and 1981/2)
  • Roger Dudman Way (Roger Dudman, Lord Mayor in 1985/6)
Possibly named after Mayors?
  • Franklin Road
  • Langley Close, off Windmill Road
  • Pike Terrace, St Ebbe’s
  • Roberts Close, Sandhills

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