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Carfax, looking west from the High Street towards Carfax Tower and Queen Street.
St Aldate’s Street is on the left and Cornmarket on the right

Carfax is the ancient heart of Oxford: its name is derived from Quadrifurcus, where the four road from the four city gates meet. It is dominated by the thirteenth-century church tower of the former St Martin’s Church, the main part of which was rebuilt in 1820 and then demolished in 1896 in order to widen the street.

CarfaxAbove: Frith & Co postcard 71997, showing a photograph of Carfax taken in 1922. On the left is Boffin's the baker
(described as new in the Oxford Chronicle for 11 October 1884 and now replaced by Marygold House).
The bus about to come out of Queen Street advertises J. Sainsbury's, then at 4 High Street

Carfax in about 1900

Carfax, c.1905


Left: Carfax, looking east, c.1920


Below: Carfax looking south, 1775.
On the right of the painting is the corner of St Martin’s Church, with the butter bench on the other side of Queen Street, where Abbey House is now.
On the left in the middle of the road is Carfax Conduit, and in St Aldate’s are the former Town Hall building and Christ Church.

Carfax 1775

Carfax conduit

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