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91: Part of Old Bank Hotel

91 High Street

No. 91 dates from about 1800. It does not have a proper shop frontage downstairs, because originally it was a private house, and then a bank from 1908 to 1985.

It is a Grade II listed building (List Entry No. 1047249). It has always been in the parish of St Mary-the-Virgin.

In 1772 a survey of every house in the city was taken in consequence of the Mileways Act of 1771. No. 91 was then in the occupation of a Mrs Hobson, and its frontage measured 12 yards 2 feet 0 inches.

At the time of the 1841 census No. 91 was occupied by William Greenhill, who was a Bachelor of Medicine, Laura Greenhill, two pupils, and three servants.

In 1861 it was occupied by the clergyman, William B. Lanes and his wife Frances, plus a cook and housemaid.

The surgeon Henry Parr Mallam was here at the time of the 1871 census with his wife and three children and sister-in-law, and their four servants (a cook, nurse, under-nurse, and page). The situation was similar in 1881, except that his mother-in-law now lived with him.

In 1901 he was a widower with three grown-up daughters living at home; he still kept four servants.

In about 1908 Oxford’s branch of the Union of London & Smiths Bank opened here. This was taken over by the National Provincial Bank of England in 1918, so that it became the National Provincial and Union Bank of England; this in turn acquired Messrs Coutts & Co. in 1920.

In the late 1960s the National Provincial and Coutts were taken over by the National Westminster Bank, and for a short time there were three branches of the NatWest on this side of the High: the former District Bank at Nos. 86–87, the former National Provincial here at No. 91, and the main, original National Westminster at Nos. 120–122.

Occupiers of 91 High Street


Richard Weston
His daughter Mrs Ann Parsons from 1816


William A. Greenhill, M.D.


The Revd William B. Lanes


Henry Parr Mallam, Surgeon / medical officer to the workhouse and certifying fctry. surg.


The Union of London & Smiths Bank Limited
later National Provincial & Union Bank of England Ltd
later National Provincial Bank Ltd

National Westminster Bank Ltd (1970–1975)


Dixon Gray & Co, Estate Agents


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Part of Old Bank Hotel next door

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