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No. 62: Magdalen College house

62 High Street

This is the first in the terrace of eleven houses and shops belonging to Magdalen College that is attached to the back of Magdalen Gate house. This terrace was rebuilt subsequent to the widening of Magdalen Bridge that took place in 1772–8.

It is Grade II listed (list entry 1320418). It was in St Peter-in-the East parish until that parish was united with St Cross parish in 1957.

The Survey of Oxford was taken in 1772 before this house was rebuilt, and according to H. E. Salter the house that was approximately on this site was then occupied by a Mrs Welman and had a frontage of 9 yds 1 ft 0 in.

At the time of the 1851 census the present No. 62 was occupied by Archibald Impey (25), a student at New Inn Hall, and his wife, his mother, and two servants.

In 1861 No. 62 was occupied by Charles Fisher, the Manciple of Exeter College, and his wife and daughter, plus two house servants; he was still there in 1871.

At the time of the 1881 census, Lydia Lardener, a widowed gentlewoman, lived here with her spinster daughter and a domestic servant.

From 1885 to 1890 No. 62 was a doctor's surgery, and a dentist's from 1892 to 1935. The house was unoccupied in 1891, and Magdalen Gate House was given the number in 1911, suggested that the part not being used as a dental clinic may have been annexed to the latter at this point.

In the mid-1930s the house appears to have been divided into two flats numbered 62A and 62B. The classical scholar E. R. Dodds lived at 62A from 1937 to 1947.

People who have occupied 62 High Street


Mrs Catherine Hudson (1846)


Archibald Impey, Esq


Charles Fisher


George Talbot


Mrs Lardener


Mrs Webber


William Collier,  MD


Frederick W. Hill DMD
Harvard University Dentist


Frederick W. Hill DMD
Harvard University Dentist


Arthur George Grant Plumley, MB, MRVS, LRCP, LDS,
Dental surgeon


Maurice B. Nolan
University lodging house


62A: Erik Robertson Dodds, MA
Student of Christ Church & Regius Professor of Greek

62B: Miss C. Hole & Miss J. Enterton at 62B in 1939–1940
Thomas J. Dunbabin, M.A. in 1941
David Worswick in 1943–1947


62A: George David Norman Worswick, M.A.
Fellow & Tutor in Economics, Magdalen College

62B: David Halewood in 1949
Humphrey Bowen in 1954
D. G. Sargant in 1958–1960
Claude Kacser in 1952
Angus D. Macintyre, M.A., D.Phil. in 1964–1966
Hugh F. Denman in 1967


62A: Cecil K. Watkins (1968 only, no occupant listed from 1970 to 1976))

62B: Hugh F. Denham (1968–1976)

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Magdalen College lodgings

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