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17: Tim’s Newsagent

17 High Street

Mitre coach office

This very  narrow building, squashed between the easternmost entrance of the Market on the left and the Mitre on the right, was once the Mitre’s coach office, as can be seen in the extract from a coloured engraving, dating from c.1825, on the right.

It is jointly Grade II* listed with the Mitre next door (List Entry No. 1369357). It was in the parish of All Saints until that church was deconsecrated in 1971. It is now in the parish of St Michael-at-the-Northgate Church.

The accommodation upstairs was part of the Mitre Hotel and was not listed separately in the censuses.


Photograph of No. 17 in 1949,
when it was Long's Confectioners



It can be seen below in the early twentieth century, when the Mitre still had its coach office here, and a notice in the window reads GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. The bedrooms of the Mitre then extended over No. 17 and westwards over Slatter & Rose at No. 16.

Slatter & Rose and Mitre

Occupiers of 17 High Street

By 1846–1913

Mitre Coach Office


Bates & Co., Florists


Thomas Long, Confectioner


Shop, name unknown, that sold model kits,
then one that sold electronic items


Candle Light, Candle shop


Avenue 5


Tim’s Newsagent

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