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Pigot’s Trade Directory 1823: Traders

The buildings in the High were not yet numbered when this directory was produced in 1823. Where a number is given within square brackets, it is the High Street number known to have been occupied by the business in 1846.



Architect & Surveyor

Benham, Samuel Henry


Bardgett, William
Hester, G. P.
Looker, John
Walker, T. R.

Auctioneers and Appraisers

Adams & Son
Cooke, William
Giles, James
Mallam, Thomas
Pain & Payne


Brockeless, John
Dickeson, J.
Godfrey, Richard
Slatter & Bayne
Wyatt, W. & T.


Cox, Morrell, Cox & Morrell [134]
Fletcher, Parsons, Thomson & Robinson [92]
Walker & Co.

Booksellers & Stationers

Bliss, Robert
Grant, J. G.
Hawkins, Henry
Munday & Slatter [2/3]
Pearson, Richard

Book Binders

Amsterdam, James*
Barnes, William
Sanders, John

Boot & Shoemakers

Bessant, Robert [105]
Randall, Thomas
Tagart, H.
Wyatt, James

Cabinet makers, Upholsterers, &c.

Adams, Charles James
Cooke, William
Giles, James
Messenger, Charles
Payne, William


White, Samuel

Chemists & Druggists

Bailey, Edward
Hunt, James
Johnson, Joseph
Jones, R. T. [55]
Sadler, Thomas
Treacher, William

Confectioners & Fruiterers

Bates, Thomas
Goolding, John [116]
Jubber, George
Lockey, Ann
Morris, Thomas William
Sadler, Thomas
Trinder, Jacob


Bayne, Charles (& jeweller) [66]

Fire Office Agents

Birmingham, William Cooke
Commercial, James Giles
Hope, John Looker Sun, Richard Cox

Fish Mongers

Carter, Catharine [130]
Tester, Samuel [27]

Glass, China & Earthenware Dealers

Butler, James (& stamp office)
Loder, Son & Gunner

Glover & Breeches Makers

Embling, John

Gold & Silversmith & Jeweller

Hickman, Edward (& engraver) [31]

Grocers & Tea Dealers

Bridgewater & Sheen (& tallow chandlers)
Hounslow, J. [67/68]
Jones, Thomas
Parsons, Ann
Richardson, M.
Sadler, Henry & Co.
Underhill, Michael [7]
Warburton, G. H.[his father's shop on north side]
Wood, George
Young, Richard (& tallow chandler)

Gun & Pistol Maker

Brown, Richard

Hair Dresser and Perfumer

Hewitt, John

Hatters, Woollen Drapers, and Hosiers

Frogley, William
Hill, Benjamin
Juggins, Robert
Wells, Edward


Angel, Thomas Gellett
Mitre, Thomas Peake

Iron Mongers (and Braziers & Tinners)

Bush, E. & Co.
Carter, William
Edwards, John

Last & Patten Maker

Bolland, John

Linen Drapers, Haberdashers & Hosiers

Cox & Foster
Mallam, Robert
Meldrum & Meadows
Rainsford, John
Tanner, W. K.
Wootten, Richard

Milliners & Straw Hat Manufacturers

Bridges, J.
Cousins, A.
Randall, Mrs T.

Music & Musical Instrument Sellers

Davenport Mrs
Jackson, Paul
Marshall, William (warehouse) [125]

Newspaper Publisher

Oxford Herald, Munday & Slatter

Nurseryman & Seedman

Penson & Son

Perfumers & Stationers

Butler, James
Fry, M. A.
Hooper, John
Loden, Son, & Gunner
Routledge, Alice
Sawell, William
Spiers, Richard [102]

Plumbers, Painters, & Glaziers

Hickman, John [85]
Hitchings, J.
Hitchings, William
Slatter, John

Printer & Publisher

Munday & Slatter [2/3]

Printsellers, Carvers & Gilders, & Picture Frame Makers

Butler, Thomas
Parker, William
Wyatt, James [115]

Professors (Music)

Marshall, John
Marshall, William

Saddler, &c.

Sheard, John

Surgeons, &c.

Rusher, William (also Apothecary) [48]
Tuckwell, William
Williams, George, M.D.

Tailors & Drapers

Dry, R. & W.
Forrest, J. (tailor only)
Giles, Richard
Jones, William
Slatter, Thomas

Taverns and Public Houses

Black Horse, James Smith
[later known as Lighthorseman: behind No. 52]

Coach and Horses, R. Smith
[behind the No. 49]

Fox & Goose, R. Spernell
[presumably the Fox at No. 137]

Greyhound, Stephen Day
[on eastern junction of Longwall and the High]

Post Boy, James Butcher
[on the site of present 140]

Red Lion, George Benham
[on site of present 139]

Sun & Chequers, J. Haynes
[presumably the Chequers, at 131A]

Valiant Trooper, W. Taylor
[is this the Wheatsheaf, at 129A,
or the Flying Horse (Eastgate) at 73??]

Vine, William Stephens
[on site of the present 133]

Timber Merchant

Mallam, Thomas


Mallam, Thomas

Trunk & Packing Case Maker

Young, George


Clements, John
Denton, Samuel
Hunt, John
Sowter, John
Watts, Charles

Wine and Spirit Merchants

Latimer, Edward [11]
Smith, Richard Wickens James

* Amsterdam is probably the location rather than the name of the bookbinder. Amsterdam Court stood on the site of Brasenose’s new buildings in the High

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